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Welcome to the new filmmaking guide. Here you can out more about the filmmaking and exhibition process, from pre-production through to marketing and distribution.

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  • Case Study:  Ken Loach

    Case Study: Ken Loach

    Ken Loach on his path into filmmaking, on censorship and the UK Film Industry.

  • Case Study: Alex Heffes

    Case Study: Alex Heffes

    Alex Heffes discusses the job of a film composer, the experience of being forced to listen to producers' CD collections and the importance of collaboration.

  • Case Study: Asif Kapadia

    Case Study: Asif Kapadia

    The director of The Warrior and The Return on his filmmaking career.

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  • Directors' Lab 2009

    Directors' Lab 2009

    Film Network meets the proud selectees for this year's Director's Lab, as they prepare to travel up to Edinburgh.

  • Dogging: A Love Story - Director's Set Report

    Dogging: A Love Story - Director's Set Report

    Acclaimed shorts director Simon Ellis writes here about making the transition to features with his debut, Dogging: A Love Story.

  • Faintheart: set visit

    Faintheart: set visit

    Director Vito Rocco's prize for winning the Myspace Movie Mash Up competition was a £1 million budget and instant greenlight for his first feature Faintheart. We visited the set last winter to see how filming was going.

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