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StreetDance 3D Set Visit: The Talent

StreetDance 3D Set Visit: The Talent

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Film Network visits the set of the 3D dance film and meets its multi-talented cast members.

StreetDance is the latest in a line of British urban teen flicks, including Freestyle and Fish Tank, which celebrate the uplifting power of dance. In this case, there is a direct link back to the TV talent shows which sparked the current craze with acts like George Sampson, Flawless and Diversity in the starring line-up. Co-directors Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini have also set the film apart by shooting it in 3-D to create an even more dynamic viewing experience.

There are high-kicks aplenty in this classic story of triumph over adversity as a posh ballet company is forced to accommodate a crew of street dancers. The new arrivals are preparing for a major competition and, at first, the clash of styles is reflected in their attitudes to one another. Soon enough though, both groups realise the benefits of working together. All this sets the stage for a flurry of elaborately choreographed set-pieces.

In September 2009, BBC Film Network visited the set of StreetDance whilst on location in Brick Lane, East London. We spoke to producer James Richardson and directors Max and Dadia about corralling talent with the ability to act and dance. Also taking a time-out to reflect are Britain's Got Talent 2008 winner George Sampson and the up-and-coming star of the film Nichola Burley.

Watch the second of our set visit videos

Streetdance 3D is now on general release.

Interviews and text by Stella Papamichael; video by Stephen Bailey; edited by James Rocarols


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