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Creation: set visit

Creation: set visit

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Film Network visits the set of BBC Films' Creation, the new film about Charles Darwin and his quest to publish his infamous On The Origin of Species.

Film Network visits the set of Creation, the new film about Charles Darwin and his quest to publish his infamous work

Director Jon Amiel returns to feature filmmaking for the first time since 2003 with Creation, the story of Charles Darwin's struggle to complete his notorious work On The Origin Of Species, one of the few books that is uniformly agreed to have had a profound effect on the world.

Scripted by John Collee from Randal Keynes' book Annie's Box, the film bypasses the dry science of Darwin's theories of natural selection to focus on the human impact of the scientist's epoch-making ideas. Specifically, the film portrays Darwin's mental torment as he struggles to complete the book following his daughter's death and in the face of opposition from his deeply religious wife Emma. Darwin and his wife are played in the film by real-life husband and wife team Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly.

BBC Film Network was granted on-set access to cast and crew during the shoot, including director Jon Amiel and lead actor Paul Bettany. The production endured all the challenges associated with a British winter, including a sudden downfall of snow, which resulted in rapid script rewrites to take account of the prevailing conditions.

Paul Bettany as Darwin, confronting some natives in Creation.

Paul Bettany as Darwin, confronting some natives in Creation.

Legendary British producer Jeremy Thomas and costume designer Louise Stjernsward reflect on the challenges posed by filming a historical piece which has to feel authentic, and location manager Jamie Lengyel explains how the Cornwall coast substituted for Darwin’s visit to the archipelago island of Tierra Del Fuego in South America.

Creation is released on Friday 25th September 2009.

Interview: Claire Cook; Camera: Stephen Bailey Text & Editing: Terry Wilson

Published 23rd September 09


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  • Jun 13, 2010


    The BBC continues it's relentless deification of charles darwin in pursuit of it's own atheist materialist agenda. To use as the programme title "Creation" is to misappropriate the language, Creation requires a Creator otherwise called God. Darwin had no explanation of the origin of life and only a flawed theory of how original life developed due to chance.

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