How do I use BBC Weather?

Page updated: 24th December 2018

Check our Top tips for using Weather page to find information on saving your favourite locations, how to find pressure maps, where our video weather forecasts have gone, how to read precipitation forecasts, and much more.

You can also read the answers to our frequently asked questions about Weather.

How do I save my location?

Our My Locations in BBC Weather page has the answers to a lot of your questions about finding and saving your favourite locations on BBC Weather.

Using the app?

Read our frequently asked questions about the BBC Weather app for mobiles and tablets or watch our New features on the BBC Weather app video for more tips and advice. 

Why has BBC Weather changed?

The BBC has embarked on an exciting new partnership with weather services provider MeteoGroup. On TV, online and on the BBC Weather app there are new changes to the graphics we use, and in many cases more data about the forecast.


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