Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the same programme on the Red Button and the TV?

We always aim to avoid duplication of programmes on the Red Button and other BBC channels, but on occasion, there are short periods when this is unavoidable.

BBC Television schedules need to be as flexible as possible. This often means they join a programme that is already scheduled for BBC Red Button coverage. In this instance, we will aim to switch coverage to another programme or service on the red button, but we need to wait for a suitable point to leave this coverage.

Similarly, if BBC One, BBC Two, or BBC Four are about to leave a programme before its conclusion, we may join it on the red button before it does so, in order to be ready for when they leave.

There is usually a 15 minute cross over period although if the programme is at a crucial spot when on Red Button, we will often continue coverage until a suitable point.

On certain occasions, we may stick with continuous coverage if TV is juggling various events.