Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the new BBC HD Channels on Freeview?

Is Freeview HD available in my area?

To find out whether Freeview HD is available in your area, and how to get it, please visit the Freeview HD website.

What channels are available on Freeview HD?

BBC One HD, BBC Two HD and CBBC HD are universally available on the BBC Freeview HD multiplex* (BBC B HD), with 98.5% population coverage. 

BBC News HD, BBC Four HD and CBeebies HD are available on a commercial Freeview HD multiplex*, called (COM 7). This commercial multiplex covers 80% of UK households.

However, we would suggest viewers check the Digital UK coverage predictor and select the detailed view to see if Freeview HD channels are available in your area. Further information is available at: 

We are continually assessing and developing how we broadcast our HD services and reviewing which BBC Freeview HD services are the most appropriate to be carried on our own multiplex*.

BBC Three is available in HD online via smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets. To access BBC Three click here.

* With digital TV and radio, each channel contains a block of digital data carrying a bundle of stations, called a digital multiplex.  Several of these are transmitted by each transmitter site or satellite, allowing a large range of stations to be broadcast.  When you select a different station, your receiver knows which multiplex carries that station’s data, locks onto it and decodes it to produce sound and pictures.*