Can I get a copy of a programme I featured in?

Page updated: 6th December 2018

If you or your company, organisation or property has been featured in a BBC programme, you may be able to purchase a copy. Please read the information below carefully and if you would like to request a copy, click on the link at the end of this page.

Who can make a request?

Anyone who has made a substantial contribution to a programme, e.g. credited as a performer, writer, guest or production team member. This does not include studio audience members or those seen only in a crowd scene or group. Relatives may make a request on the subject's behalf.

What programmes are NOT available?

  • Programmes not broadcast on the BBC or other non-BBC programmes 
  • Programmes not held in the BBC Archives
  • All sports programmes pre-1966, and some sports programmes since
  • BBC World Service radio and BBC World News television
  • Regional news, Local Radio and programmes broadcast only on BBC Scotland, BBC Northern Ireland or BBC Wales
  • Copies of programmes only available on film

How much does it cost?

We are required to cover all the costs of providing copies. Costs include research, sourcing and transferring of material, administrative and postal charges.

An increasing number of programmes are held as digital files but material held on tape is more expensive to retrieve or transfer and this is reflected in our charges. We will let you know what charges apply and confirm that you wish to proceed.

If you were offered a free copy by the production team, please contact them directly.


TV Cost to customer (includes VAT)
Tape – DVD £80
DVD – DVD (additional copies when ordered at the same time) £12
Tape – CD £80
CD – CD (additional copies) £12
Digital (TV and Radio available as files)  
Digital file – CD/DVD £15

Subsequent episodes of the same series held on tape are available at a reduced price of £30 each if they’re ordered at the same time.

The copy supplied is for personal use only. Any unauthorised use, transmission, distribution or reproduction of the material supplied through the Contributor Access process is not permitted under any circumstances.

Copies supplied to contributors may be made from archive recordings of varying quality reflecting the age and original format. Therefore, the standard of copies made from older formats may be considerably lower than those from more recent programmes.

Please note that we are currently unable to supply copies of programmes held only on film due to the higher cost of providing copies of acceptable quality.

If you've read the above and believe you meet the criteria, please complete the Contributor Access Application Form to begin the application process.


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