Frequently Asked Questions

BBC Programmes webpages now aim to help you find commercially available BBC programming from online suppliers. ‘Buy Online' appears as a dedicated section on relevant programme pages. 


Start by visiting the programme's web page to find out if it's currently showing on the BBC, and whether it's commercially available.

If there's no information, it's possible the programme isn't available commercially. It's also possible that it's not yet included in the guide. We will be extending and improving the guide to make it as comprehensive as possible.

However in this instance, you may wish to check with local or online retailers, as they should be able to assist with your query.

Unfortunately, the BBC cannot respond to individual queries about products like DVDs or CDs. This is because we are not responsible for the commercial distribution of all the programmes we commission. For example, when programmes are made for us by independent production companies, they make their own distribution arrangements after broadcast.