Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic podcast downloads - Will they download whilst I'm away on holiday?

To find out more about podcast episode availability, please see our separate FAQ relating to this.

If you have subscribed to a BBC podcast, but are going to be away on holiday for a while, please note that some podcast episodes are only available for seven days before being removed.

If you're on holiday for longer than seven days, episodes of your chosen podcast(s) won't necessarily be available to download when you get back.

Most pieces of podcast software check podcast feeds regularly and will download any new episodes automatically for you. However, to ensure that available episodes are downloaded, you will need to make sure your computer is on, connected to the internet, and that your podcast software is running.

We understand that this may not be possible or practical, so you may need to make other arrangements (e.g. asking a friend to download episodes on your behalf). It's also worth noting that many of the BBC's podcasts are available to download internationally. So if you have access to the internet while you are on holiday, you may not have to miss out.