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BBC iPlayer Radio - How to use

You can listen to BBC Radio using BBC iPlayer through your computer, your mobile phone, or your games console.

This FAQ also explains other ways of listening to BBC Radio, including Internet Radio devices.

A selection of BBC Radio programmes is also available for downloading or subscribing to free podcasts.


All of the BBC's national, local and regional stations (including the BBC World Service) are available to "listen live" on the internet (rights permitting), with appropriate media player software, and the majority of our programmes are available on demand for seven days after broadcast. The availability of these services depends on the device you wish to listen with.

We continuously review our distribution techniques to provide the best possible service.

Because of the wide and varied nature of devices that can be used to tune in to these services and the control the manufacturers have over what they choose to offer depending on their device's capabilities, it is important to understand the BBC's position regarding support. We have outlined the support provided under each device type below.

Via a computer. games console, mobile phone or tablet

  • Use BBC iPlayer on your computer's Web Browser, with Flash installed. (Help for iPlayer). 
  • Some compatible devices will allow download of a dedicated BBC iPlayer Radio app.

Via other 'connected' devices (e.g. WiFi Radio)

It is also possible to listen to BBC Radio services via the internet without having to log on to a computer. The easiest way to do this is via a WiFi or Internet Radio. These radios pick up radio stations streamed on the internet via a broadband connection to the radio set.

You should be aware that support for these devices is the responsibility of the manufacturer, as they control what content is offered on the device and how to access it.

Once the BBC has evaluated their device we do make every attempt to provide the manufacturer with information that allows them to offer the BBC Radio services to their customers.

You should always check with the manufacturer, if in any doubt, about whether our services are offered by their device by contacting the manufacturer's Customer Services department/website or asking the seller/retailer questions - we recommend that you specifically mention a particular BBC service you wish to hear. Some devices only offer our Live services, while others also offer our seven-day Listen Again service.

The BBC is, understandably, unable to provide support to you directly on these devices, and you must contact the manufacturer in the first instance. However, we would be pleased to hear from you if you have been unable to resolve your problem to your satisfaction - please contact us in this event, making sure to mention the specific Internet Radio device.

Some devices can be configured to play our live services, by following the manufacturer's instructions. For this you will need to know the types of streams that the device supports, and the technical information about our streams available below.

IP Streaming Services

The types are categorised as follows:

iPlayer (Flash):
A format of streaming exposed in the iPlayer web interface. These can be experienced in iPlayer, though some personal computers and other devices can play these back natively.

National RadioRadio Player 
  Live Listen Again
Radio 1 listen » listen »
Radio 1xtra listen » listen »
Radio 2 listen » listen »
Radio 6Music listen » listen »
Radio 3 listen » listen »
Radio 4 listen » listen »
Radio 4 Extra listen » listen »
Radio 4LW   listen »
Radio 5 live listen » listen »
Radio 5 live Sports Extra listen » listen »
BBC Asian Network listen » listen »