Why is the BBC website address changing from bbc.co.uk to bbc.com?

Page updated: 3rd June 2019

The BBC has two different versions of its website: one for UK audiences and one for international audiences. We’re changing this so we can focus on delivering world class online services to everyone. 

It’s complicated to run two services in this way but in the past it was necessary for two reasons. Firstly, some content, mainly video, is only available in the UK due to rights restrictions. Secondly, our international visitors are shown advertising.

The move to bbc.com will help us streamline our online operations, making them more efficient. 

  • Will it mean that those outside the UK can see everything available to those in the UK?
    Not for the foreseeable future. Rights restrictions mean that some content, mainly video, cannot be shown outside the UK.

  • Does accessing bbc.com from the UK mean we will get adverts?
    No, the rules will stay the same for users in the UK and licence fee payers won't be exposed to adverts.

  • When is it happening?
    It’ll be a gradual process, beginning in 2018 and continuing throughout 2019. This change has already happened on the BBC Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland homepages. Almost all BBC pages will change eventually, though some of our older sites will stay as bbc.co.uk.

  • Do I have to reset my bbc.co.uk bookmarks and favourites?
    No, you don’t have to do anything differently and we have ensured that there will be minimal disruption to users of the BBC’s online services. There will be redirects in place so that you’re automatically sent to the right page when you click on any bookmarks or favourites. These redirects will remain in place for the foreseeable future and also mean that searching for bbc.co.uk will take you to the correct page.

  • Do I need to set my cookies on both sites?
    When visiting bbc.co.uk we set cookies based on your preferences. As we are now operating across bbc.co.uk and bbc.com we need to set cookies on both. You will be shown our cookie and privacy banner when you first visit bbc.co.uk. During your visit to the BBC if you navigate to one of our pages on bbc.com you will be shown the privacy and cookie banner again. You will be asked to set your cookie preferences again. This will only happen once.


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