Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there inappropriate advertising on BBC websites?

The BBC puts advertising on its website for users outside the UK. We use the income to help fund BBC services and keep the licence fee, (paid by UK households), lower than it otherwise would be.

We have received feedback that some users are being exposed to non-BBC approved advertising on our news website. We have very strict rules governing the adverts and advertisers which we can accept and we would never allow this kind of material on our website.

If you are seeing VIMAX products then you are experiencing a fault called DNS cache poisoning. We recommend the following action to resolve the problem:

Contact your ISP or Operations Team (within a company) and ask them to update the software used on their DNS servers - find out more in Wikipedia.

If your ISP can't help, you can change your DNS service here.

Alternatively, your computer may be infected with a virus which changes your computer's DNS settings. Please run an up to date version of anti-virus software on your computer.