Frequently Asked Questions


BBC HD schedules

BBC One HD broadcasts the BBC One schedule although it does not include the regional news bulletins or regional programmes as shown on BBC One in the various English regions.

BBC Two HD broadcasts the BBC Two England schedule and does not provide regional programmes that are broadcast only in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

At the moment not every BBC programme can be made in high definition which means any BBC One or BBC Two programme not made in high definition will be up-scaled. The BBC is committed to high definition production and will continue to increase the number of programmes made in high definition.

Up-scaling means that the number of lines in the standard definition picture is effectively doubled - from 576 to 1080 - to fill the HD screen. However, as the original material is still standard definition, the quality of the picture will not be equivalent to HD.

By the end of 2013 we hope to extend the range of programmes available in HD on iPlayer, regardless of whether they have been broadcast on an HD channel. In the meantime, HD content on iPlayer has to have been broadcast on an HD channel. There's a limit to the number of hours of programming per week that can go through that process, but over the coming months we will be selecting those programmes carefully to try to minimise disappointment.