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Music Credits

The intro music to all episodes is Holly McNarland - Beautiful Blue

Episode 11 - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
DEX - Baddest Around
Tin Foil Pheonix - We'll Get To Yours
Pushing Dasies - Fall Back Into Me
Michael J - Nothing To Say
Mood Ruff - Walk Don't Run
Catlow - Saint Hate
Road Hammers - Overdrive
Matt Mays & El Torpedo - It Don't Matter
Matt Mays & El Torpedo - City of Lakes

Episode 12 - Trust This
The Jessica Fletchers - Summer Holiday & Me
The Golden Dogs - Yeah!
The Be Good Tanyas - Lonesome Blues
King Cobb Steelie - Sound Baffle
Emm Gryner - Nowhere
Hurst - Just No Good
Crash Parallel - Long Night Dreaming

Episode 13 - Desperados
The Paradise Boys - The Young & The Guest List
The Ride Theory - Dead Radio Love
Kali Roots - Be Someone
Kathleen Edwards - Back To Me
Neverending White Lights - Back To Me
The Novacks - Goodbye Rock 'n' Roll
Strada - Can This Be

Episode 14 - Reckless Love
Lord Rhaburn - More Love Reggae
Chantal Chamberland - Across the Room
Chantal Chamberland - Hot Night in Baton Rouge
Dustin Bentall - Street With No Lights
Little Spitfire - No Way Out
Strange Love - Look At What You've Done
Jason Collett - Lucky Star
Immaculate Machine - Broken Ship
Calla - This Better Go As Planned
Miriam Jones - Squander

Episode 15 - Summer's Over
Maxim Morin (aka Champion) - Keep On
Erin McKeown - Beautiful (I Guess)
Mongoose - Spirituality
Colder - To The Music
The Mark Inside - Dead Already
Haig V - Mind Over Matter
Novillero - Morally Deficient Business
Caribou - Bees
Soul Decision - Shady Satin Drug
Nathan Wiley - Braggers

Episode 16 - After The Fall
Art of Dying - Get Through This
Kinnie Star - La Le La La
Ladyhawk - My Old Jackknife
Neko Case - That Teenage Feeling
Neko Case - Hold on, Hold on
Danny Michel - White Lightning
Kid Lightning - Back To You
Wolfmother - Women

Episode 17 - Strawberry Social Reject
Kelley Stoltz - Ever Thought of Coming Back
Cuff the Duke - The Future Hangs
Jets Overhead - All the People
Jason Collett - All I've Ever Known
Bedouin Soundclash - When the Night Feels My Song Shelter
Doba Caracol - Droit Devant
The Submarines - Droit Devant

Episode 18 - The Spins
Antonia - My Friends are Hotties Estranged
The Bicycles - B-B-Bicycles
Phil Terrell - Can I Come In
Kenneth Ruffin - Cry, Cry, Cry
Belle - Got Me Trying
Controller.Controller - City of Daggers
Melody - My Nile
Tomi Swick - Sorry Again

Episode 19 - Tidal
Treeball - Blue
Ben Kweller - I Don't Know Why
Pat Robitaille - Broad River Rub
Venus Hum - Do You Wanna Fight Me
Cory Lee - Pop It
Danielle French - Descending

Episode 20 - Turn Card
Hayley Sales - Too Much
Theresa Sokyrka - Waiting Song
Castle Project - Last Way Out
Dala - 20 Something

Episode 21 - Music Video
Tomi Swick - Everything Is Alright
Ilya - Guilty Kisses
Jonathan Inc - Unbroken Silence
Papermoon - These New Friends of Yours and Falling
The Softlightes - Heart Made of Sound
Jill Barber - The Knot
Ben Kweller - Nothing's Happening
The Year of the Monkey - Pawn Kings

Episode 22 - Lost
AA Sound System - Laissez Faire
Hayley Sales - Keep driving
T Nile - Something Better
Film School - Breet
Hethro - You Just Have To Know
Doba Caracol - Etrange

Episode 23 - Sins of the Father
Digging Roots - Wake Up and Rise
Pilgrims of the Mind - Heat Injection
The Golden Dogs - Never Meant Any Harm
Tomi Smick - I'll See You Again
Balthazar - Zagreb

Episode 24 - Thirteen Minutes to Midnight
Sara Wasserman - You Got Me
Denim J - On The Downlow
Randy Parsons - Lucia Walk on the Beach
Jewel - You Were Meant For Me
The Matavaras - Yet to Hear
James Beaumont - Since I Don't Have You
The Miniatures - No Cure
Dean Martin - You're Nobody til Somebody Loves You

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