23 Awst 2013 – 25 Awst 2013 Reading & Leeds

Reading + Leeds - 2013 We Are Knuckle Dragger

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23 Awst 2013 BBC Introducing Stage

25 Awst 2013 BBC Introducing Stage

Supported by BBC Introducing in Newcastle

We Are Knuckle Dragger are Newcastle trio Aran Glover, Pete Currie and Shaun Abbott who make bone-rattling and experimental metal and hardcore that they describe as ‘heavy as hell, loud, jagged and ready to go’.

The band have emerged from the underground scene and following their well received 2012 debut Tit For Tat, they are currently working on their follow-up record, due for release in October. This record has made in collaboration with Ross Robinson who has produced albums for artists Slipknot, Korn, Deftones, Glassjaw and At The Drive-In.

We cannot wait to get some previews at Reading and Leeds.

Rhestr caneuon ar BBC Introducing Stage ar 23 Awst 2013 yn Leeds

  • Explanations With Connotations
  • Starting Strength
  • Class Of '94
  • Moon On A Stick
  • Get The Horizon Yourself
  • Bunch Of (F***ing) Mutants
  • This Better Be Life Threatening Norman
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