23/08/2013 – 25/08/2013 Reading & Leeds

Reading + Leeds - 2013 New Found Glory


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23/08/2013 Main Stage

24/08/2013 Main Stage

Take The Crown

The Godfathers of punk pop alongside Blink 182 and Green Day, New Found Glory should receive total adoration as they make their fifth Reading and Leeds appearance.

Kings at creating infectious thrash masterpieces such as Anthem for the Unwanted, they are currently on a 10th anniversary tour of Sticks and Stones, travelling the US playing the acclaimed album in full.

A career spanning over 15 years, they may have lost an A but they've gained a cult-like following with their 7 albums. Such is their reputation for unmissable, indefatigable live sets that this year we are rumoured to expect a live album from these behemoths.

With a humongous punk heritage on their shoulders, NFG are coming back to show us how it's done.

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  • My Friends Over U
  • Sonny
  • Something I Call
  • Head On Collision
  • It's Been A Summer
  • Forget My Name
  • Never Give Up
  • Great Houdini
  • Singled Out
  • All Downhill From Here

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