11 Chwef 2013 Abbey Road Studios

12 Hours to Please Me Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook & Paul Jones

12 Hours to Please Me

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Dydd Llun 11 Chwef 2013 Abbey Road Studios

Five Facts about Please Please Me

- John Lennon wrote "Please, Please, Me" at his Aunt Mimi's house.

- George Martin famously said at the end of the recording session. "Congratulations, gentlemen. You've just made your Number One". Aunt Mimi apparently said "That's more like it. That'll do well"

- In the official Record Retailer chart it actually made #2 but in all the competing charts at the time it did make #1.

- In 2004, Rolling Stone placed it at #184 in their top 500 singles of all time

- Its John Lennon on the harmonica.

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