26 Jun 2014 – 30 Jun 2014 Worthy Farm, Pilton
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Sunday 29 Jun 2014 The Park Stage

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Annie Clark can do no wrong. From a stint with the Polyphonic Spree to collaborations with David Byrne and performances inspired by Pina Bausch, her constant innovations and guitar heroics make her an ever-intriguing live act.

An Oklahoma-born, Texan-bred singer-songwriter who took her stage name from a Nick Cave song, it was her sweetly existential debut, Marry Me which got critics attention back in 2007 and has led to work with Andrew Bird, Bon Iver and Arcade Fire. Describing her latest, eponymous album as 'a party record you could play at a funeral', her Glastonbury debut will be an unmissable, intensely manic, delight.

Set List on The Park Stage on 29 Jun 2014 at Worthy Farm, Pilton

  • Rattlesnake (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Digital Witness (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Cruel (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Marrow (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Every Tear Disappears (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Surgeon (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Cheerleader (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Prince Johnny (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Regret (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Birth in Reverse (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Huey Newton (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Bring Me Your Loves (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Your Lips Are Red (Glastonbury 2014)

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