26 Jun 2014 – 30 Jun 2014 Worthy Farm, Pilton


Sunday 29 Jun 2014 West Holts Stage

One Love revolution

Together with Bob Marley, The Wailers have sold over 250 million albums worldwide and scored seven Top 10 hits in the UK.

The roots rock reggae pioneers have also collaborated with the likes of Sting, Stevie Wonder and Carlos Santana, as well as reggae legends Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and Burning Spear.

Formed in 1969, when Bob Marley recruited the Barrett brothers - bassist Aston “Family Man” and drummer Carly - to play on hits such as Lively Up Yourself, Trenchtown Rock and Duppy Conqueror, The Wailers backed Marley on 1974's international breakthrough album Natty Dread.

Following Bob Marley’s death in 1981, The Wailer’s have continued to reach an international audience well into their fifth decade. In 2000, their 1977 masterpiece Exodus was chosen by Time magazine as the best album of the 20th century.

In 2012 they supported The Stone Roses to a rapturous response – one which the living legends are sure to get from a West Holts crowd ready for the next chapter in The Wailers’ One Love revolution.

Set List on West Holts Stage on 29 Jun 2014 at Worthy Farm, Pilton

  • Cobra (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Irie (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Thank You Lord (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Heathen (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Lively Up Yourself (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Is This Love (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Positive Vibration (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Buffalo Soldier (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Belly Full (Glastonbury 2014)
  • Could You Be Loved (Glastonbury 2014)
  • One Love/People Get Ready (Glastonbury 2014)

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