28 Meith 2013 – 30 Meith 2013 Worthy Farm, Pilton


Dé Sathairn 29 Meith 2013 Other Stage

Tonight's the kind of night

Delicately delivering their intense love songs, Noah and the Whale first shot into the spotlight after starting the whistling revolution with 5 Years’ Time. Second album The First Days of Spring followed and was enthusiastically hailed as a tender paean to lost love with heart-breaking sentiments wrapped in approachably jaunty indie.

With several of the great and good in today's indie-folk scene having passed through the band - including Laura Marling, Emmy The Great and Rebecca from Slow Club - the Twickenham boys have seen mainstream success with three US tours and top 10 albums.

Latest release Heart of Nowhere has carved out a niche for the poster boys of nostalgic, ear-catching indie, with lead singer Charlie Fink's voice compared to that of Lou Reed. Providing perfect summer melodies, make a date on the Other Stage for these biblically-confused hipsters.

Seinnliosta ar Other Stage ar 29 Meith 2013 ag Worthy Farm, Pilton

  • Heart Of Nowhere
  • Give A Little Love
  • Waiting For My Chance To Come
  • Give It All Back
  • Blue Skies
  • All Through The Night
  • There Will Come A Time
  • Tonight's The Kind Of Night
  • Lifetime
  • Digital Love
  • 5 Years Time
  • L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.

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