28/06/2013 – 30/06/2013 Worthy Farm, Pilton

Glastonbury - 2013 The Orb & Kakatsitsi

The Orb
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29/06/2013 West Holts Stage

Trance meets afrobeat

Glastonbury regulars The Orb bring little fluffy clouds of joy to Pilton every time they appear. This year however is extra special as they perform with the Kakatsitsi drummers, a band of traditional drummers and singers from the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana. Both groups share an interest in beats and chants as well as a love of Worthy Farm making them ideal partners in trance.

This will only be their second performance as an ensemble, but with each band displaying a rich history of creating music that pushes boundaries and steals influence from multiple styles and cultures; it is bound to be unmissable and unforgettable. See history made on the West Holts stage.

Liosta cluich air West Holts Stage air 29/06/2013 aig Worthy Farm, Pilton

  • Blue Room / Agoo
  • Perpetual Dawn / Sweet
  • House Of The Orb / Kule
  • Chuck Pears / Kranlogo
  • Fluffy Clouds / Fantom Trom

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