28 Meith 2013 – 30 Meith 2013 Worthy Farm, Pilton
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30 Meith 2013 The Park Stage

She Got That Power

What better venue for the UK festival return of Cat Power than Glastonbury's Park Stage? The hillside haven of fun, home to crow's nests, rabbit holes and a world of unanticipated performances is the perfect host for the anomalous singer from Atlanta, Georgia.

Ms. Power was discovered in 1994, whilst supporting US indie great Liz Phair in New York. She soon set about enthralling and surprising the music world with an impressive blend of influences and an unforgettable live persona. Early releases What Would the Community Think and Moon Pix had critics across the globe purring, while 2000's Covers Record saw Cat cross path's with Pyramid Stage headliners The Rolling Stones on on powerful cover of Satisfaction.

Collaborations and new influences continued to surface as Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder guested on You Are Free and a series of Memphis greats joined her on award winning soul record The Greatest.

The singer returned in 2012 with new album Sun, again delighting music writers who referred to it as "her fullest-sounding, most animated record to date". She closed the stage on the final night in the Park with what an unforgettable performance.

Seinnliosta ar The Park Stage ar 30 Meith 2013 ag Worthy Farm, Pilton

  • The Greatest
  • Cherokee
  • Silent Machine
  • Manhattan
  • Human Being
  • King Rides By
  • Bully
  • 369
  • Nothing But Time
  • I Don't Blame You
  • Metal Heart
  • Shivers
  • Peace & Love
  • Ruin

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