2012 Gorff 6 – 2012 Gorff 8 Balado, Kinross-Shire

T in the Park - 2012 Hector Bizerk


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Dydd Sadwrn 7 Gorff 2012 BBC Introducing Stage

Super Scottish hip hop

Hector Bizerk are a much-hyped Glaswegian hip hop duo who have already supported DOOM and The GZA (Wu-Tang Clan) in their hometown.

With Louie on vocals and Audrey on the drumkit, it's simple but deadly.

Rhestr caneuon ar BBC Introducing Stage ar 2012 Gorff 7 yn Balado, Kinross-Shire

  • Niche II
  • Rabbit Punch
  • For The Record
  • Let It Go
  • Man Up
  • Burst Love
  • Sometimes I Wonder

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