24/08/2012 – 26/08/2012 Reading & Leeds

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25/08/2012 Main Stage

26/08/2012 Main Stage

No Way Down

The Shins threw themselves back in to the limelight earlier this year with the release of Port of Morrow. Taking the perfectly named Simple Song as an example, James Mercer et al create powerfully sung, persuasively composed pleas with the minimum of fuss.

Early audiences were first alerted to their uplifting melodies, heavily indebted to Modest Mouse and Belle and Sebastian, with their inclusion on the soundtrack to the Zach Braff's Garden State. Since then the Alberqueque born quintet have continued to gain acclaim, with Mercer also taking a break to record with Danger Mouse as Broken Bells. With their last R+L performance years ago in 2007, The Shins performance this summer is eagerly expected to delight fans and critics alike.

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  • Caring Is Creepy
  • Australia
  • Simple Song
  • Bait N Switch
  • Phantom Limb
  • Rifle
  • St. Simon
  • So Says I
  • Marisa
  • Port Of Morrow
  • New Slang
  • Sleeping Lessons

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