25 Mar 2014 Palace of Arts, Budapest, HUNGARY

European Tour 2014 Budapest, Hungary Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary


19:30 Tuesday 25 Mar 2014 Béla Bartók National Concert HallPalace of Arts, Budapest, HUNGARY

  • Gioachino Rossini 1792–1868
  • The Silken Ladder - overture
  • HK Gruber b.1943
  • Percussion Concerto, 'Rough Music'
  • Keiko Abe b.1937
  • Prism Rhapsody Prism Rhapsody Also known as: Prism - Rhapsody for solo marimba and orchestra
  • Antonin Dvorak 1841–1904
  • Symphony No 7 in D minor Symphony No 7 in D minor Also known as: Symphony No 7 in D minor, Op 70

Concert Information:

The BBC Philharmonic’s European tour continues this evening in Budapest for the city's annual Spring Festival.

The concert is framed by two 19th-centry works: Rossini’s Silken Ladder Overture and Mendelssohn’s Third Symphony, the Scottish, said to be inspired by the composer’s visit to Scotland in 1829. At the heart of the programme are two technically astounding percussion concertos performed by ‘wizard of percussion’ Martin Grubinger, including the stunning piece Rough Music, by the BBC Philharmonic’s own Composer/Conductor HK Gruber.

For more information about Budapest Spring Festival visit www.btf.hu.

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