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1Xtra Live 2012

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Tempo Specialist

The comparison with Eminen is obvious, but Devlin is more than adept at making vocal-led grime rap his own, claiming Springsteen and Nas as more likely influences.

Joining The Outakers (O.T) crew at the age of 15, his career kick started with the release of esteemed mixtape Tales from the Crypt. Producing intelligent music born of frustration, skillfully delivered and resonating with real life, it wasn't long before an invite from MC Ghetts' to join The Movement followed. He's also received much support from 1Xtra, who played single London City way back in 2009 plus asked him to perform at 1Xtra Live in 2010 and this year's Hackney Weekend.

With new album A Moving Picture and a nomination for best Hip Hop / Grime artist at this year's MOBO's, get used to hearing this Dagenham MC's name.

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