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BBC Radio 1
2013 Mai 24 – 2013 Mai 26 Derry-Londonderry

Radio 1's Big Weekend - Derry~Londonderry Pete Tong


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Dydd Gwener 24 Mai 2013 Main Stage


How could we have a Dance Arena without Pete Tong? The dance legend has been bringing the freshest tracks from the worlds of House and Electronica to Radio 1 for over two decades. The man’s even got cockney-rhyming slang named after him; such is the love for Mr Tong.

His club career is one of the most respected in the industry, and Pete remains one of the most influential people in dance music’s history. Join Pete Friday nights at 9pm on Radio 1 and get a taste for what will be an unforgettable night at Radio 1's Big Weekend.

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