15 Oct 2015 – 18 Oct 2015 Wembley

LiveKOO Tigers win 3-0 against KT Rolster on Day Four


  1. KOO Tigers through to the Semi-Finals
  2. Expert text commentary by Richard 'Pulse' Kam

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That's it for the Quarter-Finals!

Which means that's it from us for this year's championship

So the Semi-Finalists have been confirmed and four teams are officially out of this year's tournament.

This has been our first foray into esports coverage, and we really hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for joining us and sending us your messages - it wouldn't have been the same without you.

So for the final time - it's goodbye from Dev, James, Leigh, Richard, Julia and the rest of the team here at BBC Three and BBC Sports.

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Now, hand us a mechanical keyboard and a mouse. (We've got to celebrate somehow...)

Ever wondered what the championship HQ smells like?

That's almost it for us here at Wembley, but before we go, take a sneaky peek backstage with Julia Hardy to find out how the live feed from the teams' computers are mixed up and perfectly produced for an international audience to enjoy.

A home crowd advantage?

Two European teams and two Korean teams remain; the European teams have shown up at Worlds this year, while the games have been played in their home turf. Fnatic and Origen are the EU hopes to take the World Championship title, but SK Telecom are still in the running and still look almost unstoppable.

Koo Tigers will go to the Semi-Finals

We're glad you didn't make that bet, Adam!

Koo Tigers will be facing Fnatic in Brussels. The last time these teams met, KT got the better of them. This time, KOO showed they are the stronger team at the 2015 World Championships.


KOO Tigers are in the Semi-Finals...

...but who's joining them?

Koo Tigers have just beaten fellow Korean team KT Rolster for a place in the Semi-Finals in Brussels next weekend, where they'll face EU team Fnatic.

Also through are hotly-tipped Korean team SK Telecom T1, who'll be taking on European newcomers Origen.

Koo force Baron

KT have to contest the Baron but were put into a lose-lose situation because if ssumday left the bottom lane, Smeb would take the base down. KT contest but Koo take baron and KT get pushed back into their base.

KOO turn around a team fight and take the Baron

 KT tries to go for Baron after a kill. Kuro teleports in and brings the damage KOO need. 

Koo Tigers play out the fight perfectly, zone away Arrow and take Baron.  

  KOO take the Baron, quickly followed by a dragon.  

Now the real damage arrives!

Leigh 'Deman' Smith

Koo Tigers bite back

Three kills to Koo Tigers

KOO punish KT for trying to take down a pink ward and chase them down. ssumday tries to get into the fight but is locked down by Kuro.

KT kill GorrillA in the bottom lane

After a great catch by Score

Brilliant engage coming out of Score again

Leigh 'Deman' Smith

Snake in the grass

3 for 1 advantage to KT Rolster

KT take a fight bot lane with a fantastic engage by Score. Kuro tries to make a play at the end of the fight but Nagne blasts him with Cassiopeia   

Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace

Richard 'Pulse' Kam

eSports Caster

In her lore, Cassiopeia searches for the ancient ruins of Shurima, an ancient fallen empire. She betrays her companions who hold the key to the inner sanctums, murdering them in cold blood. But as soon as she attempted to open the doors, a giant stone snake comes to life and pinned her down, transforming her into a Medusa-like creature.

Lore aside, Cassiopeia doesn't see much play nowadays as she is a risky pick. With very low mobility and being generally squishy, if Cassiopeia's player puts one step wrong she could die almost instantly. However she is what we call a Glass Cannon, which is as the name suggests; fragile but can dish out a lot of pain.

Cassiopeia's ultimate 'Petrifying Gaze' turns all enemies facing her to stone and can be a game turner.

KT get two kills in a top lane fight

But thats the dunk!

Leigh 'Deman' Smith

KT Rolster have a lot of firepower and ssumday picks up a kill while Score secures another. in a 2 on 2.  

KT are starting to come alive again

James 'Stress' O'Leary

First Blood to KT!

Piccaboo drew First Blood, but Koo Tigers quickly react and avenge their ally, taking out Nagne

Champion selection

Game 4 - Koo Tigers vs KT Rolster

Koo Tigers (blue side)

Bans: Azir, Lulu, MordekaiserPicks: Elise, Fiora, Alistar, Caitlyn, Viktor

KT Rolster (red side)

Bans: Tahm Kench, Veigar, GangplankPicks: Darius, Shen, Gragas, Jinx, Cassiopeia

KT once again pick Darius leaving open the Fiora despite how many issues it caused for them.

KT have more damage this game and can hold their own individually

KT Final pick Cassiopeia, a rare champion to see currently - and the first time she's been seen during the Championship. Is this KT's secret weapon?

In a move that will seriously upset the internet, Kench has been banned. If this does end up being the last game, the Kench will not be unbenched again during this Quarter-Finals.

It's still all to play for!

But will there be one or two more games as picks and bans get underway?

Who are you rooting for in this fourth match? Let us know using the hashtag #bbcesports!


Koo Tigers spiral out of control

KT's lack of damage is starting to catch up with them and KOO are crushing them in fights.

This could be two inhibitor turrets falling

Leigh 'Deman' Smith

Everybody was Kung Koo fighting

KOO fight KT around the dragon and ace them. With KT unable to contest, they successfully go for the Baron.

KOO just have too much damage in these fights

James 'Stress' O'Leary

And there is only one thing we say to Death

Not ssumday

ssumday escapes the grasp of Smeb as Score helps him to safety.

One step wrong

Koo stack on top of each other for a fraction of a second and ssumday pulls the trigger, locking down three members and setting up his team for multiple kills.

Wombo Combo!

Leigh 'Deman' Smith

KOO take the dragon after a teamfight

But everyone gets out alive...

Now the action's kicking off!

Leigh 'Deman' Smith

Are three bans enough?

Send your questions to #bbcesports

Richard 'Pulse' Kam

eSports Caster


We're not quite at 150 champions yet, but with 127 available right now, and 126 allowed to be picked at Worlds, there's certainly a lot of choice.

There is a lot of debate on this topic but three are definitely ample. Most of these bans are 'target bans' and are aimed at specific players in competitive play. Sometimes there are strong champions that escape through the banning phase, but that just creates the interesting situations in champion select where, for example, red side might leave open three strong champions so that blue side has to pick one and red side gets two. Another example could be baiting a team into picking a strong champion if the other team has a counter pick ready.

Hojin turfing out Score

Hojin invades into Score's jungle to take away his red buff. As KOO's bottom lane was ahead and pushing up to the tower, it meant GorillA could roam up to meet Hojin to outnumber Score two to one, and push him away from his precious red buff.

Score tries to steal it away but misjudges the timing slightly.

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