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24 September 2014

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Darren with furry balls

Have balls, will travel...

Balls to cancer

At the age of 27, Clacton man Darren Couchman discovered he had testicular cancer. Having defeated the disease, he has now embarked on a countrywide 'Testicle Tour' to show men it's not something to be embarassed about.

Darren was no stranger to cancer when, at the age of 27, he discovered a suspicious lump whilst sat in the bath.

He had lost both of his parents to the disease nearly ten years before, but like many other men in his situation, Darren was reluctant to get himself checked over by a professional.

"I didn't really pluck up the courage for about eight weeks to go and visit the doctor and get it checked out," he admits.

"I really want to dispell the myth that testicular cancer is an embarassing illness, because I know from experience that it's not"

Darren Couchman

"Purely because I was scared of what he would find and also I didn't want him to laugh at what I presented in front of him!"

Thankfully Darren did see his doctor - the lump was diagnosed as a tumour, and eight years later he has embarked on a tour around Britain aimed at encouraging men to check themselves regularly.

"I really want to dispel the myth that testicular cancer is an embarrassing illness, because I know from experience that it's not," explains Darren.

His approach to spreading the word is one that is certain to catch the eye.

The 'Testicle Tour' will see him visit 66 towns around the country armed with a pair of metre-wide pink furry balls and a car decorated with slogans such as 'Honk if you think this car is nuts'!

The locations have also been specifically chosen to raise the eyebrow, with locations such as Cock Clarks, Bell End, Nutsford, Plumbland and Lower Swell on the itinerary.

"It's absolutely fantastic," he says. "I'm getting so much support - people are flashing their lights, waving or honking their horns.

"I needed a bit of a gimmick just to inject a bit of humour into it. They're basically just gym balls with furry covers on, but they do look like testicles and they really are generating a lot of interest."

Darren brought his big balls to BBC Essex ahead of the start of his journey. Click on the link below to hear more.

To find out more about the Testicle Tour and why you should 'Honk Your Horn if you think his car looks nuts', click on the link below.

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created: 24/06/2008

You are in: Essex > People > Profiles > Balls to cancer

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