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13 November 2014

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Digital radio

How to listen to BBC Essex

Find out how you can listen to your favourite radio station with our reception advice guide.

There are many ways to tune in to BBC Essex. We broadcast on 103.5 & 95.3FM; 729, 765 & 1530MW; DAB digital (auto tune or manual tune to multiplex 12D - 229.07 MHZ) and online.

Q. My BBC Essex medium wave signal is fine during the day but turns to mush in the evening and at night?

A. Medium wave signals travel much further in the hours of darkness so stations on the continent can drown out our signal at night. Turn your radio around to get the best MW signal.

Q. There is another station interfering with my BBC Essex signal

A. You can phone Ofcom on 020 7211 0211 to report a pirate station. If possible, make a note of the station name, frequency, time of interference and the type of music they are playing.

Can I get BBC Essex on my DAB radio?

There is DAB coverage across most of the UK but there are areas where DAB is not available.

DAB radios will get BBC Essex in most areas of the county but not all.  If you are thinking of getting a DAB radio it's always worth telling the retailer what you want to listen to; a good retailer should be able to advise on the right type to buy. 

The Government's analogue switch off only covers TV so radio is not affected.

Q. My BBC Essex signal was OK until recently, what's happened?

A. Some electronic equipment can give out radio waves that can degrade your reception, e.g. computers, power adaptors (the small black boxes commonly supplied with electronic goods), phone chargers, wi-fi routers.

You or your next door neighbour may have installed a new gadget near your radio, try moving it or use an external FM aerial.

Q. My BBC Essex DAB signal is fine sometimes but often it disappears completely

A. It is the nature of digital reception that you either get it fine or you don't get it at all. There is no in-between. Try moving the radio while the signal strength indicator is showing, you may not have to move it far.

Q. I cannot get BBC Essex on DAB but I can get all the other BBC stations

A. BBC Essex is not broadcast from the Danbury transmitter but national radio stations are. Hence, our DAB signal is not as strong as we would like in central Essex.

You can check our DAB coverage by clicking on the link below:

Q. I can't get BBC Essex when I'm on the M25 Essex section, yet I can get BBC Radio Kent loud and clear

A. This is a known weak area in our coverage, there are no plans to improve it here. Try our 765 medium wave frequency. You can get BBC Essex on this all the way along the M2 in Kent.

It's all due to local geography, there is high ground around Brentwood that casts a reception shadow over the M25.

Q. My car radio often re-tunes to another BBC station

A. Turn off the AF/TA button on your radio.

Q. When will the analogue radio switchover happen?

A. There are no plans to switch off analogue radio or to improve the digital radio signal.

In many cases, BBC Essex reception can be improved by retuning to one of our other frequencies, moving the radio, turning off appliances near it or by using an outdoor aerial.

Our frequencies are on medium wave, 729 kHz in north east Essex, 1530 kHz in the Southend area and 765 kHz everywhere else.

On FM, tune in to 95.3 MHz in South Essex and 103.5 MHz elsewhere. on DAB, we're on multiplex 12D and of course, you can get us online, via this website.

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You are in: Essex > Local Radio > Programme Information > How to listen to BBC Essex

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