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13 November 2014

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Deckchairs on the beach

Southend beach

Southend Beach

Southend beach is a hub of activity with sand, sea and the pier.

Southend has several areas of beach to choose from, and it is the largest town in Essex.

Southend pier

Southend pier

Southend Pier is the longest pleasure pier in the world, and offers lots of activities for all the family.

Located in the driest part of the country, Southend not only has beaches and a pier, but also Adventure Island and many fun rides.

If you don't want to sit on the beach all day then you can take a stroll along the esplanades, and walk through some of the parks and gardens that are in the town.

Southend also has restaurants in the town and there are cafes along the sea front where you can get ice creams or maybe fish and chips.

On top of all that if you fancy a trip around the shops then the town has plenty to visit whilst taking a break from the beach.

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Have Your Say

i haven't been yet in southend beach but i am looking forward going this summer

shaynie & grandad brian :D
its an awesome beach! go there all the time :) its too good (Y)

Patricia Volante
Hooray for Southend Council. It's about time children were able to play without having to watch out for lumps of dog poo half buried in the sand. I'm sure those protesting today would have something to say if I allowed my grandchild to relieve himself on the beach even if I did pick it up afterwards. Dogs already enjoy the freedom of the parks in the town, while children have small dog free designated areas. Why should they have the run of the beaches as well.

shaynie & jessica.
its wicked man! :)

love the rides but it is to expensive!lololololololol

i have been here before and adventure island is cool . and i'm going today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never Ave ii Been To Southend beach but ii Went to Adventure Island Last summer and iit Was Briliant!! Probaly going again this yearr too.

lauren richards
i like southend quit lots use come down for walk with are dogs with mum and and dad friends hang out go place have a breakfast in cafe get a icecream after are walk it nice me and my sister good for me to walk i do horse riding lot at collage and i come home see my family in hoildays great beach fun a lots

i thought southend beach was ok i loved it but yeah too much peeps in the summer, but who cares its not just about u southends. a great place, go there every summer

its a great place to live the beach is lovley and everything

I live in Southend but in the summer southend beach is too crowed and touristy lol, go to shoebury thats where its nice; surfing, jet skiing, and also chalkwell and old leigh.

southend beach is so wonderful, but my brothers do not like it, but me and my mum and my dad like it so much that we went to the water in the sea. it was freezing, said my brothers, they were always complaining all the time. when we got there we had ice cream, it was delicious we had milk shake on the way home. my brothers were glad we were going home because we had a fish filey and a apple pie yumyum. i and my mum and dad had a wonderful and Exiting time. i hope everyone in southend have a great time.

i love living in southend, but it apears to have its down sides sometimes

mc bopping
i always go to southend beach puerly class

I went with my family and we loved it my children want to go again n again.

Complaint about the lack of poor warning signs of the severe danger that can be caused by clams oysters and other sharp objects on the shore. There should be a clear visual signs to warn people of danger and Health Hazard warnings notices.My family & I went on a day trip to the Beach which took us 2 hours Journey. Due to tide the water receided further into the sea which meant we were further away from the shore, On our way back the tided started to rise & we were able to see where we were stepping to get back. We could not stand on our feet due to the deep cuts (it felt like walking on broken glass), there was several other people eperiencing same fate & there was no sign of a life guards around to help nor was there any facilities to assist people in need. EDITOR: Hi Afa we'd like to find out more about your experience could you e-mail us at


ive been to south end beach and its well fun

i went last year it was fab

i think that southend is FANTASTIC place to be with your famaly

I think its disgusting. The council do nothing to clean it up. The worst people live around it and its just a general mess. I live a 2 min walk away, but would rather drive to bognor!

Barry MacGregor
I love the local country side and pubs, but only go back as my Father and brother and some lovely old friends still live there. I moved to Oz in 1961 and every time I return I feel the area has taken a step backwards. They must have imported large amounts of sand since I was a kid. Beach !? you have to be joking

i really like the really is fun and the besyut part is the adventure island.thanks

hi i have gone to southendtill the age of 2 and i am now 9!!i am in spain right now,but i live in elm park

i love southend the beach is lovely my huddy lv fishing the pir the kids lv the beach.

dani x
i'm 15..i live in southend... i hate it ...the beaches should not even be reffered to as beaches .. more like southend on sewage..da chavs can be alright .. da emos are ders nuffink to be but get drunk and sleep.. i cant wait to move outta dis dump lol

i thought the seaside was welll good from chanelle heridge x we went fishing with the boys ! woop woop !

Carol Kirk
I love Southend beach, walking along the prom in the summer evenings are the best, the people are great and the area is nice and clean. I also love the surrounding beaches especially Shoeburyness, my grandchildren love catching crabs there.

southend is great but chalkwell beach is well worth a visit(15mins walk at max)covered in sand.I lived in Leigh until end of summer 07,+ visit as much as possible,im 15 + want to move back as soon as possible!Leigh on sea is the best,friendly atmosphere along the broadway + in the old town with its sea food + cockling industry is those who say we're not well educated-southend area is home to 2 of the best grammer schools in the country!Go westcliff girls!Oh + seas fine-i have swam in it all my life!

Southend beach is hit and miss like all beaches. There is a nice sandy area next to the park and Adventure Island. It is very nice to have a stroll along the beach. The sea is not very clean but most sea in this area isn't very clean :-(

Sue Stone
It's as beautiful as any other beach in the world. Looks lovely.

i think that southend is not a very goood beach, i dont think it is up to the standards of beaches in other countries

Martin from Colchester
I've been to southend a few times and loved it. have relatives in Shoebury and generally like the area.

Well I'm planning on moving to Southend soon, just for a change to escape London, I wont let these comments put me off. You get out of a place what you put in. If it doesn't work out for me I'll move on but so far have found people to be friendly, but no more messy, drunk, illiterate or 'chavvy' than anyway else in England. Do think though, that the council has the power to make Southend as appealling as Brighton, Bournemouth or anywhere else, just takes good vision. Then it is up to the residents to keep it how they want it clean or messy it's your choice!

David W made a comment about people being apparently "pig ignorant" who take dogs to the beach. However, many of us living here own dogs and the dogs love to swim in the sea and walk on the beach. We always pick up after our dogs, by the way we have three! We are not happy with people who don't pick up after their dogs - but Dave - don't tar people with the same brush! Majority od dog owners do pick up and dogs have always been welcome. There are specific times of year that dogs can't go on the beach - so you need to check the Essex Guide. But please, Borough of Southend, more dog bins please. Southend is a great place - the Arches is an excellent place for food, recommend the Estuary Restaurant! Kind Regards

the beach is not sandy, but it has rocks every where!!!!!!although it says it is sandy

Tank (Ian Smith)
I live in Spain, but try to get back to Southend whenever in UK. Best memories are bank holidays, when the rockers used to charge down Pier Hill once the pub shut, scattering us young post-skinheads from the boating pool! Then we'd regroup and chase them back the other way. Happy days.

Beach is Great but WHATS happened to the Lights. No Lights No night time Visitors Where do these councillors come from,Shame

It is very well located as it is sunny.

Well I thought the beach was more stones than sand and it is the Thames not the sea that lap the stones/sand.I wouldn't want to send my child to a Southend school after having seen the lack of spelling/punctuation standards in this thread.

i live in southend and i think its the best place to relax and enjoy the sun

jasmin ahmed
only things i dont like thats no proper sandy beach there but its nice to go there to see the other things.

very gd beach

realy good beach

Thorpe bay end of beach is great,quiet and without the naf amusements,tourists and litter.The cliff gardens by the casino is a great place to watch the the sun go down.If you avoid the area around the amusements it's great,even the people that live here don't often frequent those!

THERES ONLY ONE SOUTHEND i spent my childhood, teenage & adolescent years i still go bak wiv my family I miss it but have gr8 memories

i think southend is a nice beach but im not sure i like it so much because i like beaches were its very busy but i dont like southend that much

laura Forrest
southend has a wonderful beach - but stroll left or right and you have chalkwell or leigh with fantastic cockles and history - or thorpe bay/ shoebury with great beaches huts and restaurants! the perfect destination to explore in a few days

I used to live in Benfleet and went to Southend High many decades ago. I now live in the USA and miss the carefree youthful days spent in Southend. One day I will take my American wife there to see a town that knows how to cook proper fish and chips.

im going to southend beach is there sand there? or stones?

cheeky minx
oi iusedt obefemale i think that if you like some where go their and if you don't then don't keep your opinoin to yourself cos no one care's what you think and we think southends great

The water may be cold but it is better when you have been in there for a long time. Also buy GOOD QUALITY beach huts as bad ones are ripped to shreds by vandals

Iusedt obefemale
it is full of litter and pidgeon c***

Sharon Kamble
I have been to Southend,but I think the beach is not too good as it has roughage particles of sand on the layers.As I entered the big sea, I wasn't a bit ssurprised.But if I was to say which beach you like the best,I would surely say its Southend! I also enjoyed the Piers and the best food that serves you. I love it!!!!!!!!

it's cool

Sue Sullivan
Wonderful memories of walking over the mud as a child. How I miss it

i was boarn in canvey island and grew up in southend all my family are their i miss it i moved from their

Y. Al
I suppose Southend meets the standards of a quality beach. Come to think of it, all the comments of 'chavs' now finally make sense to me, I'm not English and they very clearly make me feel that I'm foriegn.

Brian George
I have swum every summer in the Thames Estuary since 1945. The water is cleaner now than ever and much safer to swim in than at many trendier British & foreign resorts.

i live in southend and its pretty standard, it might be good for visitors, but the graffiti stands out everything is covered it's sick.

dave c.
seen southend through manny phases glory days of the fifties and sixties,less glamorous days of the seventies and eighties though i was very surprised on my last visit a couple of years ago and a genuine improvement scheme was at last being cant really complain about extra litter if your town gets thousands of visitors a day as for the threat of these modern day chavs and hoodies,what a load of wimps.i'd rather have them than the cut throat razor carrying teddy boys and mad chain weilding mods and rockers of yesteryear any day maybe someone conveniently forgot them,like some who shouldnt point out some people cant spell most people dont need to spell anyway nowadays

I used to live in basildon and used to visit southend a few times a year and i enjoyed it there but there is one prob most times i went to the sea the tide was always in and i had fun but i dont really like goin in the sea so it dont bother me either way i dont no how it is now coz i have bin away from it for more than 5 yrs and i miss watchin the parade which ends wiv a firework display but i call southend-on-sea southend-on-sand as the tide is always in but yea i havent seen it in a while so i dont no wot is it like now

i live in Essex and i think its vary hard to get to Southend i wanted to go there to visit for a day and found it hard to get there by train, i ened up getting lost. My child and her friends wanted to go there but now there going to have to go some were else.

I live in southend, and to me...southend is soooo boring and to be honest its not the best place to go..the beach is dirty and you cant swim in it because its like pond water!!..Down the seafront you have to be careful were you use your phone or anything worth money because before you know it its gone because some low life has stolen it!!.....But i have to admit southend has great night life its just spoilt by the disrespectful people..We have quite a few arcades...well maybe not quite a few ALOT!! the fake burberry and plastic crosses are seen alot round here these days and you will always be able to find the odd chav ( when i say odd i mean no less than 20) standing outside....sorry all my little chav crewdoms but it had to be donee XD...not all the chavs in southend are out to cause trouble...we could say alot about the bloody emo's! who stand in town slitting there wrists!! so you cant blame chavs for making essex have such a reputation..:D thnkoo for listening..x

jane woodley
dirty and not good to swim in

Mick Seery
I lived in Southend as a kid and remember the beaches quite well. I feel spoilt now that I live in Moruya - south Coast NSW - and have fantastic beaches where the family can surf or walk in the adjacent national park.Very much enjoyed Southend but I still find it hard to believe that I used to enjoy jellied eels!Regards

I live in kent and i do visit southend beach often,what i like about the beach is the smell of the water and the sand, all beaches i have been are as beautifull as the southend ones.

leanne emma sarah jean john
we loved the rides

Mrs Toodles
I lived in Shoebury for 39 years and worked in Southend for more years that I care to remember. It used to be a nice town, but unfortunately in my work I have seen the seedier side of it...Drunk kids, drug takers, volatile to say to least on a Friday and Saturday night down the seafront. Full of chavs with their cars who act like they own the place. They used to call it Londons playground after the war apparently, so my Mother tells me! the kids from London come down on the train specifically to cause trouble, another version of their playground I suppose. I have recently moved to Braintree, Essex and the difference is astounding, clearer roads, friendly people. I don't regret moving away for a minute, I went back about a month ago in order to meet some friends one evening and spent the time in the restaurant wondering if my car would be where I left it when I returned, there was a horrid atmosphere down the High Street and a bunch of kids running around looking for a fight! In this was its the same as any other town I suppose.

i go southend 2 go on the rides and 2 go shopping i would like 2 live there 1 day im 15

Mick Burt
I am from shoeburyness. i love to go for walks along the seafront in southend and the pier is fantastic.

martin hodson
love southend, was born there and now live in shoebury. a desire to live in.

Karen O'Rourke
I grew up in Southend and now reside in the States. Although we have clean beaches and great sand over here, it does not have the same atmosphere. When we come over we love to take our young children to the beach, eat fish and chips and Rossis ice cream and ride the train on the pier. I would recommend it for families.

yes southend is dirty with rubbish everywhere.but this is mainly during the summer months due to visitors.i have lived here all my life and there is loads to do for all the kids love the seafront but with all the chavs and hoodies now decending onthe area i worry for their safety as they get older. good areas along the front are leigh,chalkwell,thorpe bay and shoebury.

I Live In southend and it is good but its a bit messy with litter and stuff it has a lovely seafront i live her and i am 12 years old

I think southend is a great play to go even if you can't say for a week a day trip is good aswell

matt hayward
depends on what you are looking for- i take the kids down the sea front all the time, and they really enjoy it, summer or winter. If you are expecting miles of golden sand and gourmet food them suffice to say you'll be disapointed. If you're happy messing about on the beach and in the arcades and like chips then i can recomend it. The lack of toilets is extremely anoying tho. I can throughly recomend KJ's cafe.

John Hamilton
North and South: As a kid 50 years ago I also learnt to swim at Southend and remember going down the pier on the train for six old pence. Now I live near one of the southern hemisphere's longest piers (1km)at Hervey Bay in Queensland. 20 miles of golden sandy beache; winter daytime temperature averages 21 degrees and in summer 29. No slot machines, just windsurfing, jet skiing, fishing and boating.It's also one of the world's premier whale watching towns? (from July to October) and only 50,000 people live here in a 'city' area about a quarter of the size of Essex.

i think that southend beach is a great place to take a holiday and it is also a fun place to take children or adults for a day trip.


Roy T Clarke
my last visit was when the peir burnt down, a sad time for sure. Kingston Canada.

R & J
Our family is there - we are in Canada. We miss them and the wonderful times we had, the seafront the poor pier and it's fire, and the high street. Hope they see this posting and know who we are.

Keith Turner
I am from Southend before i moved up north and it is a great little town and beach if people leave it clean and tidy when they go back home. Southend is an up and coming area, and it has been said that it is a great place to retire to with plenty of life and things to do.I miss the place and could return.

rhochelle stewart
southend is lovely you should go there for the day

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