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13 November 2014

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Mersea sunset

Mersea sunset

Mersea Island beach

Mersea Island has beach huts, ice-cream, windsurfers and boats. It's a small island connected to the mainland by a causeway.

Mersea beach

Mersea beach

The beach at West Mersea has plenty of beach huts and a view over the water to Bradwell-on-Sea. At East Mersea there are open sandy beaches.

Mersea Island is a lovely place to visit for a day at the seaside.

At West Mersea the River Black Water runs into the sea and you can swim in the water whilst looking across at Bradwell-on-Sea.

There are two rows of beach huts, some on the beach and then others on the grassy banks behind.

Mersea is suitable for a family day out as there are places for children to play and shops not far from the sea front to buy ice-creams.

You can also enjoy a walk along the hard, looking at the boats, or go crabbing on the jetty.

At East Mersea Cudmore Grove is a big open grassy area leading down to the sea front where you can walk and maybe enjoy a picnic.

Cudmore Grove

Cudmore Grove

The beaches there are less popular and are often at the bottom of quite a steep slope, but for a quiet walk it's very pleasant.

There are toilet facilities at Cudmore Grove and quite often an ice-cream van to settle those cravings for a 99 flake!

Mersea Island also plays host to The Mersea Windsurfers windsurfing club. There are not many days in the year you won't find the southern shores of the island and the Blackwater estuary decorated with the brightly coloured sails of windsurfers and adrenaline seeking kitesurfers.

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We bought a caravan in March 09 and are moving here in a few weeks time hopefully by July 09.... It is the most up lifting beautiful place I have been to in ages! Our kids are young and in primary school mersea school looks wonderful. My husband and I thought "why wait for retirement, lets live in lovely perfect Mersea NOW!

irene hatch
never visited mersea island but recently i,ve been finding lots of hidden villages around essex that are unique its an easy place to miss but i,m finding its a very beautiful place shh dont tell everyone

robert arbon
i live in mersea and love being here would t want to live eany where else and my doughter and wife love it here to,the island has every thing a family gould want.

Emma holding
Mersey island Is a place that evokes fond memories .as a child i used to spend hours out with my granddad on his small boat in the it is a haven for my family it really is a gem of a place for spending time with your children without any distractions and will always be special to me and hopefully one day my children.

John Daniels
been to east and west mersea today with my son and we have had a fantastic day. the weather was great and i am totally relaxed i love it there

liz richer
Mersey Island is a well kept beautiful secret. Why would anyone want to spend hours in a traffic jam to go to crowded beaches, when you have such a lovely place as Mersey.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law live there and we visit quite often. It's a place that time forgot but is beginning to remember. There's now a Tesco. My brother and sister-in-law have one of the gorgeous candy-coloured beach huts and we spent the afternoon there yesterday (Monday, 4th August). As the tide went out the beach revealed several live oysters. Does anyone know if these are OK to gather and eat? I know oysters are farmed there. Are these escapees?

maureen reid
lovely place. shame about the filthy beach full of tin cans and litter

Ruth from hamburg
a long time ago i was an au pair in mersea. i had a very very good time there!

i have a caravan there. it's cool

mersea well it is a great place for sailing and waling along the beach and its good if your an older person, but there our some bad things, in mersea now days there are alot of chavs round.

it is a betufuil place to visit and stay

im going there on Holiday on monday :)

mersea boi
mersea i wicked its a gr8 place to meet ur m8s nd then go up town and its a gr8 place to live the people who live in mersea are really nicep.s mersea rulz!!!!

I'm a student who visited the Mersea coast for a school project. I thought that the place was unique. It's an awesome place to relax and ponder and this is what I did when I went there, instead of gathering info for my coursework.

I recently visited the east coast of Mersea and thought it was a lovely place.

mersea islad rules

This place is a dump there is nothing to do but be bored.

Matt T
Im a local of Mersea and its a really nice quite place to live but I think they are making too many houses in West Mersea, and Im worried that their going to start building them at East Mersea

I think mersea is a really good place.

My husband and I like to go to Cudmore Grove at E.Mersea whenever we get the chance. We enjoy the wilderness feel about the place and the wide open skies. We have 2 dalmatians and have never had a problem mixing with the families who picnic, bbq, etc. Regarding dog mess, I have been known to clear up other people's dogs mess along with that made by our own dogs - I only wish humans would pick up their litter too! Still despite all this both East & West Mersea are delightful and have a lot to offer. As others have said, you feel like you have been on a mini break after visiting for just one afternoon!! Can't wait till next weekend and the next .....

Actually, I am not a local but an international student studying in the University of Essex. Why I would like to make some commnets upon this place. This is because my breath is always taken away by the fascinating sea views and imposing landscape whenever feeling sad and unassured of my future.Besides, it is also a place for pondering and meditating over either trivials or important issues. You will never go home without inspirations. Thus, it is my second home. However, some of the dog owners who seem not to clean up the chcolate-like icecream defecated by their favoured dogs. It overshadows its nature beauty. To sum up, I think it is a quite nice place to visit and have fun after a long tiring working week days if the unwelcome ones are stopped from entering.

This place is gooo to see and it is fascinating with beacutiful sea views and coloured windsurfing sails. It is worthy spneding sometime there, especially after a long working week...

where is good to pitch up a tent got to have toilets maybe a club house on mersey

Adele Bowman
I went to Mersea Island in 1995 for a week camping with the school and had a fantastic time, it is a quiet place yet plenty of activities there to keep young minds active.

We love to camp on Mersey Island. The sunsets are magnficent; really make you feel at one with the land, sky and sea. Absolutely wonderful and incredibly peaceful.

louise clatworthy
wewll what can i say, i really enjoy coming to mersea,where i live down in west sussex is well borin,i miss my mates when i'm not there,estelle,u know who you are,the beach is great fun,it's just a grat place to hang out, and it has good memories,lol.

Our family love Mersea.It's so close to Colchester where we live but going to the island is like a mini holiday, even if it's just for the afternoon.

Too many static caravans now. All good pitches have been taken up. A tent only field would be good with no electric hook-ups so you wouldn't have to listen to other peoples T.V.s half the night. The overflow carpark at Cudmore Grove would be brilliant, up behind the pines,out of the wind but near the beach.

Bought a caravan on East Mersea 28 years ago our three kids spent every summer down there when they had to make their own enjoyment no club or slot machines, I had no car in those days as my husband needed it for work so I would walk the three kids from East into West Mersea to get some shopping and walk back. lovely memories and now we have our first grandchild and so it begins again. happy days

John 90liter
This is a great place, I windsurf here regularly in all weathers and there are always people about, we can take the dog on the beach and swimming in the sea, free parking or just £2 all day in the grassy car park in summer season also a cafe open 7days and good sea food at the shed.

Just got back from (yet)another great day out to W Mersea. Have brought my kids here over the years and they love it. I used to visit often as a child in the seventies as we lived in nearby Colchester. Never fails to deliver with free parking clean and tidy environment and feeling of calm. I'm green with envy for those lucky people living on the front!

karen ricketts
we love coming here for a picnic,flying a kite with the kids, and walking our dog. Great day out.

it is brillent! i love to hang out with my friends there!


it is a great place for friends to hang out.

Michelle Johnson
Ilove East Mersea beach and have been visiting there on and off for the past 15 years seeing the changes in the landscape as the cliff gradually falls away into the see the trees clinging on precariously by their exposed roots as they eventually succumb to storms and end up beached below. So sad. Erosion takes its toll each year, and having to pay for the pleasure of taking a walk in nature is scandelous. I am not happy about the carparking fees to be able to access nature. How dare the Council do this! I am not a dog walker - I am an artist and love to sketch, beachcomb and generally get away from society here. I find that I am charged for the privilege. Please lets have a free car park or maybe a donation type strongbox where people could, if they so wish, leave a monetary donation. To have the choice taken away is wrong. Let nature rule again here and give us back one of the few truly remaining 'wild remote places' that I feel exista and I am in when there. Michelle Johnson, Feering, Essex

mick burt
from shoeburyness. i love mersea. such a pretty place considering it is in essex.

We brought a caravan down at East Mersea about 5 years ago and every year when the site closes down we get very depressed. Once gain it is coming up for the new season when the site re-opens and we can wait to get back down there. Enjoying weekends relaxing, walking along the beaches and going out for some lovely meals. Roll on March and we will soon be back to our second home - Mersea where we hope to retire to.

Mersea has amazing sunsets, especially at the end of a summers day whe the water is calm. The beaches are beautiful- sometimes they are muddy and grey, sometimes sandy and clear. As a coastguard i spent as much time as possible by the sea and on the beach- its great!!

For sandy beach areas to build castles, swim safely and find no services or full services try West Mersea along eastwards to the border with East Mersea on the south coast facing the North Sea. What is not real sea about that? You can always get the best beach areas by parking and paying at Waldegraves which gives you toilets, play areas, a heated pool in season. At the Waldegraves beach a phenomenon occurs in mid to late summer when the sun is hot and tides are from about 12 noon to 21.00hrs. In 2006 there several days when the sun heated the sea bed so much that the incoming tide brought water temperatures into the high 70's F and even over 80 degrees. That was for 100 yards out and full depth. Wait for a heatwave.

mersea is the place to kitesurf in essex,uncrowded water,plenty of space,ive fallen in love with this place,it does have a kinda mersea magic!!!!!kitesurfing is freedom!!!!

Jacqueline Newell
I have really come to appreciate Mersea as a place to unwind. I was wondering if it is possible to swim across the 2 mile gap between Mersea and Bradwell?

Its The Best Cos I Live There

I used to go to Mersea Island as a kid with my parents for 'days out' it was lovely, we used to play on the 'Putting Green' on one occassion i jumped over the small brick archway (that you had to hit your ball under) and missed! breaking a toe!. Do you remember the 'rafts' that were moored out in the water, we used to swim out to them and jump off them into the water what fun we used to have.. then it was picnic lunch time..Ham roll, hardboiled egg, crisps apple and lime milk jelly! all with a light sprinkling os sand! Years later.. i'd take my children there..and now my children take their children thereand have just as much fun as i did. I hope Mersea Island will never change, it's a beautiful place. And 'The Shed' is brillient my husband and i are regular customers for a 'seafood platter' ummm.

I have lived on Mersea (on and off depending on my Father's military commitments) for all of my life. After having married and travelled all over the world since my divorce I have vome home!! I love the island and now my new husband does too. I am just sorry that he could not have seen it years ago when we had wild open spaces and children could run amuck in "Catchies" paddocks. All our most beautiful areas are now endless housing estates!! Please let our island return to the haven that it always was.

To all dog owners: Get over yourselves and stop moaning.

Oh yes, Mersea Island! As kids back in the early 1970's, we used to go there every HOT Summer's day in our Dad's MK1 Ford Cortina - the vehicle shuddering apart on the A12. We'd sit on the sea weed strewn beach, splash around in the muddy waves and try and build 'sand castles' out of pebbles. And then our mother would cook bacon on a miniscule camping gaz stove. We knew that Mersea wasn't a 'real' beach with a 'real' sea, but Cornwall was hundreds of miles away; and travelling just 30 miles in the Cortina was far enough!

did st.andrews junior school come here and i love mersea island beach it looks so so pretty and i was wondering if st.andrews junior school come on this part of mersea island thankyou for reading this message from saffon smith at st.andrews junior school thank you and good bye

Catheryn Wilda Smith
To me its the most beautiful place i've ever been to rain or shine, as there's no where better.I think of mersea to cheer me up when i'm feeling sad and look at pictures on the web site,the beach is great,I remember when there were just a few houses on the front,and only huts on Seaview.Iused to stay at my aunts in Lower Kingsland Rd. as a teenager and fell in love with Mersea then and still feel the same.I am now 66.I wish I could find a little space on Mersea to retire,I am [clean and tidy]I take everbody elses rubbish home.I have never seen an unruly dog owner in Mersea perhaps one or two untidy children.

Maria Dulce.
...maybe one day I'll visit...not only Mersea but a friend I have looks very peaceful and calm.

Whether people have dogs and do not clear up, or people have a picnic and do not clear up, it is all down to being ignorant. Unfortunately, as you cannot instantly tell who is ignorant, people target dog owner instead! Idiots!

lottie tabbron
I love mersea, but as a fellow dog owner, please could others clear up any mess their dogs leave. It gives us a bad name! Don't spoil this lovely area.

Lee Wadsworth
I think it should be banned

we live near bradwell on sea and we regulaly take a nice drive through maldon to mersea island and buy some fresh sea-food

Mersea was a lovely place i grew up here and am still here now with my own family, but like most locals it is now becoming overpopulated especially as regarding houses visitors we dont mind but leave mersea alone let it remain natural

I have seen pictures from mersea museum and the islands web site, that show that even a hundred years ago that the beach and coast line is much the same! Even the one road known as the strood, still often gets submerged at high tide time. That is something else the Islanders themselves wish to retain, as then, sometimes twice daily, Mersea is an Island in every sence.

My in-laws live there. Its a lovely beach to walk along. Never noticed any litter or dog mess.

I live on Mersea, and love to walk on the beach whenever I can. It's best in the winter months when all the tourists have gone home ,and we once again have this wonderful place back close to It's natural state........Please dont argue about Mersea...........just dont come here.

Susan/Helen You are missing the point Yes All people at some stage do leave rubbish but its only dog mess which can cause blindness in children also dogs do bite and scare children.

I totally agree with Helen. Adults as well as children leave empty drink tins and bottles, cigarette ends, and all sorts of other mess. Most dog owners these days are socially aware. Why shouldn't my daughter and I be allowed to take our two well behaved dogs onto the beach to play and swim. We are a damn sight more responsible than lots of others who use the beach.

I'd like to make a comment about Mersea island beach Please don't tar every dog owner with the same brush! we are dog owners & pick up after our dogs, its hard enough try to find somewhere to daytrip/holiday with your dog without more restrictions! we have a right to go on holiday to! East Beach is lovely & we go there regularly for the dogs to have a dip & we always clean up after them, I could say the same about people with children leaving rubbish everywhere.

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