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24 September 2014
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Jamie Theakston
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One of Question of Pop's regular team captains, Suggs is perhaps best known as a member of baggy-trousered ska/rock popsters Madness.

Suggs (real name Graham McPherson) was born in Hastings on 13th January 1961. In 1977 he formed the North London Invaders, who two years later became Madness.

Between 1979 and 1986 Madness had twenty Top 20 hits in the UK charts. Their first album was called ‘One Step Beyond’, released in October 1979. It was to be followed by 16 more.

In 1999 Madness released ‘Wonderful’, their latest album and also their first studio album in 13 years. As a solo artist Suggs has released two albums and eight singles. His most successful single, ‘Cecilia’, sold over half a million copies.

In 1997 Suggs and Chelsea FC combined to perform their official FA Cup single ‘Blue Day’. It was almost certainly a major factor in Chelsea‘s historic cup victory that year.

Suggs is the host of Channel 5‘s seminal celebrity karaoke show Night Fever.

Listen to Suggs talk about:

(o)   Manufactured Pop
(o)   What He's Listening To At The Moment
(o)   Making Records Again

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