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28 October 2014

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Programme 1 - Linsey Smith

Linsey SmithName: Linsey Smith

Lives: Newcastle upon Tyne

Occupation: Assistant Restaurant Manager

Financial Situation: £33,000 in debt

Biggest Money Wasters: An endless shopping list of clothes, makeup and accessories

Watch Lawrence Gold's summary of Linsey's situation

Glamour lifestyle
Twenty Four year old Linsey is a dedicated follower of fashion and football who lives for her glamorous nights out on the town and regular jaunts to the shops for clothes, shoes, bags, belts, make-up – the shopping list is endless. Unfortunately for Linsey her £12,000 income is not able to sustain her high spending lifestyle.

Linsey used to earn much more money in her previous job, but since her wages have dropped her spending hasn't. Linsey recently decided she had to splash out on a convertible car, paid entirely on her credit card. The fact that Linsey has since lost her license and spends around £2000 per year on taxis has put even more pressure onto her finances.

Linsey's love of football has also cost her more than she can afford. A recent trip to Portugal to see England play cost her over £3000, yet Linsey's mum Jan supports her club on a tight budget by watching at home.

Stopping the spending
After learning that her daughter now owes over £33,000 Jan decides it's time for swift action. The credit cards and cash get confiscated immediately then it's time for Bank of Mum & Dad's Lawrence Gold to lend a helping hand. Once realising that Linsey is in arrears on her council tax and income tax bills Lawrence suggests that it's time for Linsey's pride and joy to go – the car.

Also under scrutiny is Linsey's smoking habit and her overspending on unnecessary luxuries Linsey just can't afford. It doesn't go down well and emotions run high.

Habit change
Jan decides a different tact is called for and tries to show Linsey that there's plenty you can do without spending all your cash. To fulfill her love of football Jan organises for Linsey to be an assistant coach for a local team.

The advice seems to be sinking in and even Jan's final task of cutting down Linsey's transport costs seems a success.

Bank of Mum & Dad has reached Linsey and she is trying hard to stick to her budget. The partying has been cut down along with the shopping sprees and, most importantly, the car has been sold to help pay off some of the debts.

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