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24 September 2014

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Lawrence Gold Imagine a whole week where you can't spend a single penny without your mum or dad's say so. Worse, you have to confess to them how much debt you're actually in, then have them move in with you for the week and take total control of your finances in a bid to get you back on the financial straight and narrow.

Well, that is what's in store for six twenty and thirty somethings, whose wayward spending is out of control, as Bank of Mum & Dad's novel way of dealing with debt problems is put to the test.

In these modern times of easy credit, high-powered advertising and an uncertain future, it's not surprising that more and more people - particularly those in their twenties and thirties - are spending not what they have, but what they hope to have.

That's why our participants have to give up total control of their purse strings and hand the reins over to their mum and dad for one week. For that week it's mum and dad who decide what their indebted offspring can spend their money on and how much.

With their parents living with them full time, emotions run high as the ‘children' are forced to face up to their mounting debt problems and make some tough decisions.

Offering helpful advice along the way is Bank of Mum & Dad's financial expert, the aptly named Lawrence Gold, who helps our participants work out exactly how much they really owe. Once he has ploughed through the financial statements Lawrence helps create a realistic budget and financial plan for each case.

The question is; will reality sink in or will the money keep flowing?

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