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24 September 2014

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If you have a complaint about any of our services you can visit the new complaints section of the BBC website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my city/town/county on the list of sites?

We have not yet finished rolling out of all our Where I Live sites. We are providing more localised content in many areas around England over the next year. You can keep up to date with new sites by visiting our homepage. In particular, our next priority is Cheshire.

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Can I listen to BBC Local Radio over the internet?

Yes - you can choose which station to listen to here.

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Why can't I listen to Football Commentary on my local radio station?

For a number of high profile sporting events, such as the Premiership, the BBC only holds the rights to broadcast live commentary locally to the area covered by our radio transmitters. Our internet service is available across the UK and around the world and therefore we need to blank all output for which we do not hold international rights. We apologise for any inconvenience, but you can still listen to live commentary from your local station on your radio.

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Where can I buy BBC products?

To buy commercially available tapes of BBC shows:

- in the UK/EU go to the BBC Shop.
- in North America go to BBC America.
- elsewhere go to BBC Worldwide.

(For copyright reasons not all broadcasts are commercially available. We regret that we can't supply tapes where this is the case. BBC Information has further details.)

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I've found a technical fault, what do I do?

Complete the form, and provide as much information about the fault that you can - remember to tell us the name and URL of the page that has the fault.

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Where can I find out more about BBC English Regions?

You can read the 2008 Annual Review, or find out more about the Regional Audience Councils. Or you can find out about the Audience Council England and how it represents licence fee payers.

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I am having trouble with my reception for TV/Radio, where can I find help?

The BBC has a special department that can help you with reception problems. Use this site to find out if there are any known problems in your area - or report a problem.

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Where can I find information about my local TV news?

You can find information about your regional TV news programme by taking a look at its website. Find the regional TV news programme nearest to you.

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Where can I find information about my local radio station?

You can find information about your local radio station by taking a look at its website. Find the local radio station nearest to you.

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Can I apply for a job/work experience at the BBC?

You can apply for a job, take a look at the careers available, or apply for work experience by taking a look at the BBC Jobs website.

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