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24 September 2014
East Midlands Today

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Presenter Profiles - Lukwesa Burak

In the beginning.. there was a little girl, freshly bathed, ponytailed, and dressed in her new dress sitting in a puddle making mud cakes.

My life did get slightly more exciting after my first memory.

Growing up in Southern Africa brought its "little incidents".

Nature trips with a difference meant unforgettable safaris tracking big game, although being charged by a non-too-impressed bull elephant was more of an adrenaline rush than I would have asked for.

Lukwesa at the weather centre
Lukwesa works the early shift on radio but also presents the lunch time news and weather for EMT - it can make for a long day.

Father and daughter fishing trips on the Zambezi should have meant a more sedate activity, until we were capsized, and I woke up 4 weeks later after suffering from a nasty bought of malaria - funnily enough my dad disappeared for about a month on a business trip!

And the pets..ahh..well the monkey was good fun, the dogs were alright, but it was my fine collection of spiders I was most proud of, although I was always friendless when I took them into school to show them off.

I did form a particular bond to our chickens, and was often being hounded by my mum for stealing the eggs out of the fridge "because I wanted to save them" - well, we've all had our dizzy moments!

Lukwesa presenting
Lukwesa loves to get up early in the morning to present a forecast.

The move to England aged 8 during one of the worst winters on record, was a big shock to the system, and I decided that once I'd learnt to fly a plane I'd be jetting out of here ASAP.

Hence joined the Royal Air Force Cadets, but then injured my leg playing football, had to leave, and got on with exams, degrees (first degree at University of Sussex, and a Masters at Leicester University) and the real world.

Three years work in the IT industry, finally led to fulfil my ambition to work in the media.

Oh yes the weather...despite the rumours, Michael Fish DOES wear socks!

If you want to contact me: send an e-mail to

Top Ten List

1. Best Song Ever: Marvin Gaye - "Let's Get it On"

2. Best TV Show Ever: The Flintstones (the cartoon that is)

3. Best personal TV moment: Having a lamb empty its bowels on me during a broadcast

4. Best place in England: Brighton

5. Favourite/ worst food: Anything green and leafy (accompanied by a fine Cabernet Sauvignon)/ Aubergine (worst)

6. Favourite/ worst drink: Water/beer: no, I don't have these the wrong way round!

7. Favourite/ worst animal: Spiders/ slugs

8. Favourite name for boy/ girl: Alexander/Tamara

9. Favourite sport/ least favourite sport: No comment/gymnastics

10. Favourite politician/ historical figure: Tony Benn/Fred Flintstone

Where I grew up: I grew up in Zambia

What I'd love to do if I didn't have to work for a living: To get involved with underprivledged children in the Third World.

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