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28 October 2014

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March 2003

Summary of the meeting held on 24 March 2003


Ranjit Sondhi welcomed Pat Loughrey, Controller, Nations and Regions, Jane Root, Controller, BBC Two, Andy Griffee, Controller, English Regions and Leo Devine, Head of Regional & Local Programmes for the South West to the meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record with no amendments.

Matters Arising from the January Forum Meeting and Minutes
Members learned about a new programme identification system which was to be demonstrated to programme makers and which would be launched in 2005.

Members noted that where former Asian Network Advisory Council (ANAC) members had attended Regional Advisory Council (RAC) meetings the feedback had been positive.

Forum members were updated on the progress of the Members’ Interest Groups and a pilot project involving those who had expressed an interest in disability interests. It was hoped this pilot would culminate in a workshop at the ENF seminar.

Chairman’s Report
Ranjit Sondhi updated members of the BBC’s decision to broadcast unencrypted services on a new satellite once the current contract with Sky ended and how the monies saved would be invested in English Regions’ programmes and services.

Management Review
Pat Loughrey updated members on the BBC’s war coverage and answered members’ questions on issues relating to it. He then spoke about BBC English Regions’ performance in the past year and the challenges facing it in the forthcoming year.

Performance Against Objectives and Statement of Programme Policy
This item triggered a general discussion. It was agreed to discuss it again after the Joint Boards Conference, and to further explore it at the ENF seminar.

Charter Renewal Update
Pat Loughrey detailed the timetable leading up to Charter Renewal and the BBC’s contributions to the Renewal debate. He also described some of the emerging themes around the future role of the BBC as a public service broadcaster. Members were advised the Chairman, Gavyn Davies, planned to invite RAC members to an event at which Charter Renewal would be discussed.

Jane Root explained BBC Two’s market position and its approach to the coverage of arts and culture. She described some of the new programme formats the channel had developed which had been adopted by other networks and the relationship between BBC Two and other BBC network channels. She then spoke about some of the challenges facing BBC Two in terms of audiences and different genres of programmes.

ENF Meeting Venues
Members discussed where ENF meetings should be held and after some debate agreed three of each four future meetings would be held in Birmingham or London, and the fourth at another venue as and when it was deemed appropriate.
RAC Annual Reports: Key Issues
Members reported the key issues from each of their regions and presented their RAC views on the new Politics Show.

Draft ENF Annual Report
Members considered two versions of the draft report and after discussion agreed to adopt the shorter version illustrated with specific regional and local examples. In addition, it was agreed the executive summary from the longer version would be added as an appendix.

ENF Presentation To The Board Of Governors
Ranjit Sondhi reminded members the three ENF representatives would be Richard Mais, Chris Larson and Colin Smith.

The key issues to be taken to the Board of Governors when the ENF presented its annual review in April were then agreed.

ENF Seminar Update
Members received an update on plans for the ENF seminar due to be held in July.
Six workshops were being planned with each addressing a key issue.

Date, Time And Place Of Next Meeting
The afternoon of Monday, 7 July at Bath University prior to the ENF Seminar Dinner.

Any Other Business
It was agreed RACs and Local Advisory Councils (LACs) had to be given the regional and local objectives earlier if they were to include their response to them in their annual reports. It was explained the corporate objectives would be agreed at the Joint Boards Conference. These would then be translated into English Regions objectives, which would in turn be given to the Heads of Regional and Local Programmes (HRLPs). HRLPs could then share them with their councils and incorporate them into programme reviews throughout the year.

Items For Information
Members received a copy of the BBC Response to the Lambert Review on News 24 and were given a briefing paper on the Communications Bill.

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