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Follow what happened at BBC Electric Proms on Friday 26 October

Watch 6 Music's Julie Cullen's round-up of Friday

19.31 from Roundhouse

Radio 1's Zane Lowe welcomes everyone and introduces...Cold War Kids!

19.38 from Barfly

New Cassettes clamber aboard the stage & tune to the key of d

19.45 from Roundhouse

The crowd's ears perk up as Cold War Kids start 'We Used To Vacation' with a bit of "sometimes i feel like a motherless child"

19.58 from Roundhouse

The lights dim to a purpley hue as Cold War Kids launch into 'Robbers' and the backdrop changes to a kinda nighttime cloudscape with stars. Sweet.

20.05 from Barfly

Quick swig of beer & it's into New Cassettes' last song 'Our Hearts Don't Beat' - much dancing from the fans...

20.06 from Roundhouse

Big single time from Cold War Kids! Woops abound as the familiar bassline of 'Hang Me Up To Dry' twangs out of Matt's guitar. Head bobbing goes into overload.

20.33 from Barfly

The crowd swells with the South London massive & The Metros swagger into action!

20:37 from Jazz Café

Riz MC can't believe he's playing the Jazz Cafe.. He starts with his new electro single People Like People.

20.49 from Roundhouse

Serious light dimmage and from my vantage point upstairs, Kaiser Chiefs are in the wings. I reckon it's gonna be a big 'un.

20:53 from Jazz Café

Riff Raff Lead singer Alex Thompson introduces Chaos Is Hard. He want's a mutiny.

21.00 from Barfly

'Live A Little' is Metros' set finale. The Barfly is lolloping around with a smile on its face!

21:17 from Jazz Café

Riff Raff sign off.. This is what the Electric Proms is all about.

21.23 from Roundhouse

"We're gonna do a song by a guy who played last night", says Kaiser Ricky, "He forgot to play it so we're gonna". 'Jet' by Paul McCartney and Wings. Top!

21.42 from Barfly

Kicking off with the title track from the album 'the state of things' Reverend and the Makers has the Barfly with its hands in the air

21:59 from Jazz Café

Amar and the band launch into 'You're The Only One', in a qawwali style. Everyone is clapping.

22.09 from Roundhouse

Boos from the crowd as Ricky suggests it might be time for goodnight. Only kidding tho - there's still time for the Kaisers to play 'Oh My God'.

22.14 from FreeDM

The two double basses are locking horns. Basquiat Strings are getting heavy. Eskelin's tenor blasts are threatening to take the paint off the walls.

22.22 from Roundhouse

No encore tonight, but how could you follow that? Truly mind blowing performance. Mission accomplished for Kaiser Chiefs at the Electric Proms.

22.24 from Barfly

Reverend and the Makers sink into 'Karma Coma' by Massive Attack.

22:31 from Jazz Café

Amar has totally nailed this gig lark. And the drummer played his part too!

23.05 from FreeDM

Basquiat Strings finish with a beautifully bizarre mash-up that hoovers up about 27 different genres and spits them out in a joyous, tender blast. Fab!

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