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charlie louvin with special guests


Wednesday 24 October

Celebrating his 80th year, Country music legend Charlie Louvin, a pioneer of country gospel in the 50's, performed a special show with The Handsome Family and Detroit roots outfit, Blanche.


Sorry we were only able to keep performance videos online for a week after the festival.

on the bbc

Radio 2
  • Radio 2
  • Radio 2 hosted Charlie Louvin as part of Bob Harris' show.

what happened

Minute by minute report, via text message, by the BBC's Clare Hudson and Daniela Armstrong

  1. 21.33 - The crowd is excited as Bob Harris from Radio 2 gives his warm welcome.
  2. 21.34 - The crowd give Charlie Louvin a standing ovation welcome.
  3. 21.42 - Country Music Hall of Fame legend Charlie is on splendid form as performs 'This Darn Pen' which enchants the audience.
  4. 21.49 - The Handsome Family have joined Charlie on stage. Renee says they're so honoured, one of them may burst into flames.
  5. 21.52 - 'I love you Charlie!' shouts a lady in the audience - 'I love you too darling' replies Charlie in his Alabama drawl.

audience reviews

John Pettitt
This was a magnificent performance which I thoroughly enjoyed - Thank you.

I was there, Charlie truly is a legend. Ain't too keen on 'The Blanche' as Charlie called them!! They can't harmonise in tune which i think is a dreadful shame considering Ira Louvin was a master of this. It pained me to watch these alt-country/gothic chancers really. The female seemed to think that if she danced in a hokey way, wore a pretty dress and acted engrossed it would detract from the fact she can't sing! Just wish the Handsome Family had done more with him, they really are the real deal. Charlie's banter between songs was priceless though!

also at bbc electric proms

    Performed alongside Charlie Louvin:
  • Blanche

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