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Saturday 27 October

Mancunian space rockers Amplifier brought their collection of effects pedals to Barfly to create their wall of sound, prog influenced rock.


Sorry we were only able to keep performance videos online for a week after the festival.

on the bbc

6 Music
  • 6 Music
  • 6 Music hosted Amplifier as part of Bruce Dickinson's show

set list

  • Beyond The Fragile Of Space (Part 1)
  • Planet Of Insects
  • Dogface Boy (Welcome To Graceland)
  • Interstella
  • Fall Of The Empire

what happened

Minute by minute report, via text message, by the BBC's James Cowdery

  1. 20.05 - Bruce Dickinson introduces Amplifier. First pair of devil's horns goes up from the crowd.
  2. 20.07 - No messing as Sel Belamir launches into the furious riff of...
  3. 20.10 - ...'Beyond The Fragile Geometry of Space' (not easy to text).
  4. 20.18 - 'Interstella' has an appropriately planet-sized intro and some glorious zoned out guitar shapes.
  5. 20.21 - There's some spaced out hairy dude at back who looks like he's been here since Hawkwind played here in '73. Far. Out.
  6. 20.23 - This is epic, mile-wide metal grooves mean some serious frugging breaks out.
  7. 20.29 - It's difficult to see how all this noise is coming out of Belamir's single Gibson SG guitar.
  8. 20.32 - Last song Fall of the Empire is galactic: space-rock beamed from Manchester to Camden via Alpha Centauri.
  9. 20.34 - Sel: "Thank you, Electric Proms, for injecting some class into our career!"

audience reviews

Jonny Austin
A hell of a set of all-new songs from the most underrated band in Britain - wonderful stuff from Sel and the boys.

Bentley Graham
A stunning sonic assault blitzed the Barfly courtesy of Amplifier.Individually each band member has mesmerising stage prescence and as a unit so tight, intense and solid.They launched an all new set for this BBC 6 Bruce Dickinson special which I strongly recommend you tune into next Friday. Wow!

also at bbc electric proms

  • Performed alongside Amplifier:
  • Breed 77

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