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agaskodo teliverek

Electric Ballroom

Wednesday 24 October

Self confessed psycho electronic artists Agaskodo Teliverek is the work of Miki Kemecsi, Hiroe Takei and Tamas Szabo. They brought their penchant for crazy outfits to the BBC Electric Proms as part of John Peel Night.


Sorry we were only able to keep performance videos online for a week after the festival.

on the bbc

Radio 1
  • Radio 1
  • Radio 1 hosted Agaskodo Teliverek as part of John Peel Night.

what happened

Minute by minute report via text message by the BBC's Kate Lawrence.

  1. 19.27 - The venue is filling up... Could that be due to the promise of burlesque dancers onstage with next act Agaskodo Teliverek?
  2. 19.35 - There is a rather fabulous light rig being constructed, spelling out the band's name. I am grateful for this as it will help me spell it correctly
  3. 19.38 - The crowd are wearing patterns, bright colours...truckers ...
  4. 19.43 - They are soothing us with noodly saxophone music over the tannoy...

audience reviews

Havent heard something so strange/unusual in a while! At first I was a bit thrown off balance by the half psychedelic / half punky intertwined guitar phrases,but after a song or two, the whole chemistry really crept up on me like a drug (once I stopped trying to compare them to other stuff I am used to hear). They certainly did put on a great show !

Agaskodo are already at their experimental stage every rock band goes through, they're doing it tongue in cheek and without having needed to release the usual sludgy harmonic two and a half chords material currently sold for a fiver at music stores. They're fun to watch and they'll be even more fun once they will include a fourth (human) member in charge of the rhythmic section. Also Hiroe needs a larger stage! Fair play to the audience (obviously there for Siouxie, a few of them for her legs) who warmed up to the performance as Agaskodo went through their set.

also at bbc electric proms

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