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BBC Electric Proms 06

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The Who
I know that when live rock is at its best it stops being just a band playing up front and the audience sitting there like dummies.

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Your reviews and stories of The Who live

Patchwork Cat
This is marvellous stuff. A different Who as promised, but subtle and strong with all the old trademarks still in place! The new material is good, showing developments from Pete's copious solo work, though the band,like their generation (sic) rely on developments of their earlier hits to hold the set together. I fear that the rest of the band are not getting their fair camera time in what I have seen. At the beginning of the tour (in Leeds) Ken was rather helping to hold the performance together and was more visible as a result. Although the performance is much, much better now, I get the impression the camera prefers drummer Zak to the rest of what is settling into a very real 'Who' band. So many of us do not get to such gigs, we'd ought to see more of a Who and less of a duo. We can hear it guys, let's see it!

The playing is superb. The Who have really returned to form this last year. The new stuff is also quite good but is not as axcellent as their classics, but it is of much higher calibre than what was on their last two records. however even on the new songs it is again the playing that really shines through. the band is really very tight: Townshend's guitar playing is very very powerful, Daltrey is in very nice foem and the backing band is very very tight. Probably the best backing band in quite a while since they have an incredible energy level.

Chris K
With my initiation to the Who performing live being at Charlton in 73 and having seen them several times since I have to say it was the opportunity of going to the Roundhouse for the first time that gave me this particular excuse. In my experience never has a venue and a band complemented each other so much to deliver the most amazing evening. Between the old and new tunes the Who were truly thunderous and what a privilege it was to be there. Given that during in the history of this band I and my son have both finished our school days and they returned from the States where they are only halfway through a major tour they were as fresh and dynamic as the Roundhouse itself! This was more than a gig, this was a demonstration of live music at its very best, many thanks to all concerned.

Busy Louie
This is a gorgeous show, a stunning display of musicianship that features the Who at the peak of their form, effortlessly mixing melodic savvy, rhythmic resolve, and crackling energy. Roger Daltrey's heart-rending interpretation of "Tea and Theater," his voice roaring against the backdrop of the wailing arpeggio of Townshend's acoustic guitar, is the highlight. If it took 24 years for them to decide to craft new music, and this is the result, then let us chant: 24 more years!

Matthew North (All Living Fear)
I was at the show, it was the 4th Who concert that I have been to this year, I was a bit dissapointed that there was no encore (and this no 'Wont get fooled again) but the band were the usual fantastic standard. Loved hearing Wire and Glass live, the new stuff is great, especally Mike Post that was brilliant on the summer tour, there isnt a single rock band out there that can touch the who!

Just back from the Roundhouse with my ears still ringing. Excellent Who set, which felt like seeing the Who in a pub, albeit with superb sound. I first saw them more than 30 years ago, when I was just 14, and they played the football ground tour (Charlton, Swansea and...) @ Celtic's Parkhead stadium in Scotland. Seen them 5 times since, and this was one of the best. Nobody, but nobody plays power chords like Pete Townshend, and Daltrey was spot on, with superb, powerful vocals, framed and counterpointed with the band. After varied reviews of Endless Wire - including a very Howard Sternish review in the Sunday Times on 29/10(ie a reference to Pete's recent past) - I enjoyed the Wire and Glass stuff and loved a muscular, tight, Baba O'Riley and a note-perfect My Generation bass solo from Pino Palladino. And the Tommy medley was amazing, with still the power to bring a tear to the eye and a swell to the throat. No encore, no Quadrophenia songs, no "won't get fooled again" but I've got the DVDs of those and this was a memory to treasure, and to tell my kids I was there. And the Fratellis were really, really good. So much so, I got home with one of their tracks lodged in my brain. Can't wait to see them on the web and TV shortly. Thanks BBC and Roundhouse.

Camden, London, 25 - 29 October 2006
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