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BBC Electric Proms 06

New Moments in Music

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Nitin Sawhney
I base my live set around energy and spontaneity and try build electricity between the band and the audience.

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Your thoughts on Nitin Sawhney:

Well where do I start! It was a privlidge to be part of this wonderful evening,such a shame people can only view it online.Parts were quite spellbinding and a beautiful experience to be in such an intimate setting with such talented vocalists and musicians.Laura Izibor has an exceptional voice. Coil and Black is the Colour sang beautifully,throughly enjoyed Dead Man too! I have to mention Will Young's "Home" as it was such a moving emotional performance,his vocal talent is exceptional! Loved the way he used his voice to sound like an indian instrument in parts.Loved the indian flutes and the Beatbox was icing on the cake and rounded off the evening perfectly. Would like to do it all over again.

I watched the set from start to finish online ... the quality was crap but the music was amazing - why oh why couldn't this have been shown on television? I thought Laura Izibor was brilliant and I was blown away by Will Young's album track - I couldn't envisage how him and Nitin could ever work together live considering how commercial Will is but it totally surpassed my expectations. A real highlight of the Electric Proms, along with James Brown. This is what I pay my licence fee for!!

What an amazing set all those talented musicians in one room that's what i call bliss. This has to be shown on tv its too good not to be seen and heard by a wider audience, Will Young's performance of Home was spellbinding I never knew he could sing like that, Nitin was out of this world.

Why was Nitin Sawhney's set relegated to online only, this man is a master, a multi talented man who's love for what he does shines through his music, he is a joy to listen to, a shame he isn't afforded the same respect as others with less talent. Highlights were many but stand out for me was Nitin and Will Young ..two names i would never have expected to fit together as wonderfully as they did..'Home' was a masterpiece. perhaps the BBC will give such talented men the respect they deserve and show the set on their highlights show.

Superb!! Will Young sang "Home" beautifully and with so much emotion. Nitin Sawhney and Will Young should definitely work together again. It's a shame it hasn't been broadcast on telly.

I've enjoyed watching the set online, although it keeps stopping and buffering. Nitin is hugely talented. I am a big Will fan and was blown away by the emotional performance of 'Home' but also through Nitin's previous collaboration on the album track I have sought out and enjoyed more of Nitin's work. I would love to watch the whole concert again, properly, as it looked to be a spellbinding evening.

I was very lucky to have been in the freedm studio that night. Amazing to see so much talent & inspiration from all the musicians & singers. An incredible evening. Laura Izibor is one to watch for the future. 'Black is the colour' sung by Natacha Atlas was wonderful. Another stand out performance was 'Home' sung by Will Young. His vocals were so hauntinglty beautiful he made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Respect to everyone involved it was an incredible night. Especially loved the 'human beatbox' session at the end' i saw it but still didn't believe it! Nitin Sawhney is a genius, and this so deserves a bigger audience. Please please can this be shown on TV.

Nitin Sawhney is truly my favourite musician and watching the online footage just now was almost as good as actually being there! The layering of sounds and instruments creates something so unique and special. Every track was amazing but my favourite performances were 'homelands' which gave me goosebumps and the very haunting but beautiful 'black is the colour'. What a perfect way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon! Thankyou so much!

loved the whole set by Nitin,standout special performaces from Laura Izibar,Will Young and Reena & Natacha.

Jane, Jersey
What an amazing set. Favourite performance was the spell binding combined talents of Will Young, Nitin and his excellent musicians. Far better than the so called highlights from the BBC 3 show which seemed to concentrate on noise and egos rather than this beautiful music and exceptional talent.

I left James Brown's set at the halfway stage,having managed to beg a couple of tickets for Nitin from the from the front desk..No disrespect to Mr Brown, but how pleased I was that we did!!!What an absolutely wonderful set.Nitin's music is beautiful& accessible & needs to be appreciated by a much wider audience..All the vocalists were superb..The highlight for me was Will Young singing "Home"..Hauntingly,achingly gorgeous..Please BBC, Put this set on tv..Or release a highlights dvd..It really was too good not to share...!!

Nitin and his guests were amazing! Respect to Will Young, Natacha Atlas blew me away and I was really impressed with Irish soul singer Laura Izibor. I hope they air this on TV!

Phil McW
Great set!!!What a shame this has been relegated to on-line only. The whole set, the genius that is Nitin, the singers, the musicians should have a wider audience. Truly memorable and truly beautiful.

Vanessa Fairbairn
WOW!!!! Nitin Sawhney with Will Young were amazing, the best performance of the whole show! I had tears in my eyes by the end of it, because of the genuine emotion in Will's voice, no other artist has this effect on me, and "Home" is my favourite song EVER! This should definitely be shown on telly instead of all the rock bands that blur into one, in my opinion! Well done to everyone involved in the project.....especially Will Young!!!

Thank you for making it possible to see Nitin this was a new experience for me. Will Young, amazing singer and the words of the song were so meaningful. All in all an incredible experience. I would have really loved to have seen this on TV.

I thought Will Young`s performance of Home was spell-binding, magical, and should be seen by a much bigger audience than those who can view online, absolutely superb!

I heard and watched all the artists sets who were on line and I must say that Nitin Sawneys was the best. There was so much unearthed talent there from them all. To think that Will Young came from a reality show and has reached that far in his talents is unbelievable. I have always dissed these shows and the products that have arose from them but hearing Will has openened my mind to it a lot more. i think they found a diamond in the rough with Will.

What a beautiful performance of Home by Will, the best singer that we have, very spell-binding, soulful and mesmerising, I also wish that this set could be televised to a wider audience as well.

I was blown away with Will Young and Niten Sawhneys collaboration HOME Will sang it with such emotion.His vocals were amazing.It was so haunting and the lyrics were beautiful.Niten and all the artists that performed were absolutely wonderful .I do hope Nitin Sawhney will do some more collaborations with Will Young in the future.

P. Smith
How absolutely mesmorising is the combination of Nitin Sawhney with Will Young. Mr Young sings this song so hauntingly beautiful.It moved me in such an emotional way. Are we going to see this performance on the TV sometime please? I would be horrified if we didn't. Mr Sawhney and Mr Young, with this performance, have stood out in your great show.

What a beutifully chilled set. Nitin has incorperated some of the most innovative singers.Will's inclusion was inspired and to hear an acoustic version of Home with Nitin accompanying him was a joy. What a pity this concert is not on television. Nitin deserves a wider audience.

Nitin and his band were fabulous so were all his guests, my favourite was ''Home'' sang by the multi talented WiLL Young.

This gig was so much better than anything shown in the BBC3 highlights. "Home" with Will Young was gorgeous and an inspired partnership. It deserves a wider audience!

Steve & Linda
Totally agree with Gill, fantastic performance that should be shared with everyone. Thanks BBC for a most unique experience

Amazing concert loved the tracks with Fink, should be on BBC 1 for all to see. I only stumbled across it by accident. More please!

An absolutely gobsmacking evening! Almost impossible to describe other than to say it was an education and inspiration to see such a wealth of amazing talent on one stage. Performances by Reena Bhardwaj and Natacha Atlas left the crowd afraid even to breathe, such is the unworldly beauty of their voices. Fink was the epitome of Cool (with a capital 'C'), but then what else would you expect, coming from the legendary Ninja Tune stable! Will Young's "Home" was a magical moment, and Laura Izibor is without doubt a name to watch for the future. Special mention to Ashvin (sp?) on flute who has to be seen to be believed. Amazing. I felt privilged to have been there.... Thanks Mr. Sawhney for doing what you do best and brining a world of wonderul music to my ears. Too many highlights in one set to mention.... See you again next year (??) and at the Jazz Cafe shows for sure! INCREDIBLE.

I am overwhelmed,it was a very special moment listening to Will Young sing "HOME".He has an AMAZING,BEAUTIFUL VOICE and alongside the BRILLIANT NITIN and other musicians,was a truly MESMERISING experience,THANKYOU!!

I have just watched Will singing Home with Nitin and his musicians. It was truly beautiful and I wish this concert could be on one of the main BBC channels (BBC1 or 2).

Camden, London, 25 - 29 October 2006
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