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BBC Electric Proms 06

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James Brown The Godfather of Soul
You will not be able to relax because the funk will make you move!

See live shots from the night

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Your reviews and stories of James Brown live

Absolutely fantastic concert- I am a convert to James Brown. Max Beesley was fantastic- what a talent! and gospel choir very moving

Pau; Brooker
All I can I have never found the time to listen to James Brown until this great show! James you have a new fan well done for a great show and thanks to the BBC for the show. I also second the request for a DVD remark of the last post. I hope to see it in the shops soon.

Rene Oudenhoven from the netherlands
What can i say this is indeed a great show ,its a pity that the BBC4 digital tv broadcast lasted only 1hour ,which is brilliant,But one of my favourite highlights in this full.2 hours 11min show,!! is whitout a doubt, jb& max on piano doing: Prisoner of love,Hollie ferris ,,battle,, with the new guitarist.also fine is jb doing try me w/sugababes, and the gospelchoir w/jb at the end of the show , what can i say bbc4 weldone !! & Please Please,Please,Release this whole jb show on a DvD..would be Fun-k Tastic !!

I keep watching the video here. Brilliant! They should release this recording It's a shame the audio feed edited out the magnificent Soul General's warm up before JB took the stage. I live in California and with web content like these Prom concerts, their audio streams of radio channels and Podcasts, the BBC are simply the best broadcasting company there is!

Stewart Douglas
Love James Brown. Can't find anything better to dance to 40 years on. But he's old now. He looks old, cheeks sunken & it reflects in his speech & his vocals. The band sounds fantastic but JB looks a shadow of his former self. It looked sad. I wish I'd seen him 20 years ago. I'm sorry to say but I think he ought to retire now.

Alan Dee
He may be recovering from the raviges of cancer, he may of senior age status, but he gave us a superb performance. I told you all he would. If I have one little moan it would be that the pre publicity for this show said it would be James and a piano, well the couple of under reahersed songs with Max Beasly did not really fill the publicised publicty blurb.That said it was a great night a great performance and the BBC electric proms are a great success. I agree with the previous post it was spoiled by the arrogant fools who felt they could push to the front the singer asked about is Tammy Rae and she is also Mrs james Brown.

Claudia Chinnock
What a truly amazing night, it was like watching a full blown drama with James Brown as the lead and the superb 'Soul Generals', singers, dancers, special guests ... as the supporting cast. It was the most memorable concert i have ever attended and its no mystery why this man is the Godfather of Soul!!! We are not worthy!!! Well done BBC, continue getting on the good foot...

Sean Brightman
Quite simply, awesome. A show where you just didn't quite know what to expect next – it was just going to be good! It's funny, the man and the band know how to play an audience better than any dj, but still, those first few moments he got on stage, there was a kind of hushed shock – this ain't the James Brown in your minds eye... As he got going though, the energy builds, the voice is still strong and he's still there movin' and doin' it like a... like a... Thank you James Brown, the Zutons, the guests and of course the BBC Electric Proms for a very special night!

Darren Maskell
What was the name of the red headed female singer? she was great

Ashton Jones
Wow, what a night. One of my life ambitions has been met, to see James Brown in concert. He was energetic, his band were absolutely awsome and his backing singers were soulful and on key all night. What a performance!

Charles Thomson
Mr Brown was incredible tonight. Usually he is strict and only plays ninety minutes with no encore, but tonight he stayed onstage for over two hours! I had to leave the second he left the stage or I'd never have caught a train home! Where does this man find his energy? He also switched up the setlist and sang some songs I never thought I'd get the chance to see live, such as 'Prisoner of Love' and 'Georgia On My Mind'. The evening was only slightly marred by the hoards of arrogant ninnies who felt they were perfectly justified in pushing their way to the front, mid-concert, and obstructing everybody else's view. Overall, astounding and extremely good value for money. Well done BBC, this was one of the best concerts I have ever attended, yet one of the cheapest. Just don't butcher it once it reaches the editing suite! A DVD release of the full show would not go amiss *hint*.

Camden, London, 25 - 29 October 2006
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