1. 'Celtic Air' (pt 1/3) - Composing

    Duration: 04.53

    Watch Clip duration: 04.53

    Dave Heath works with musicians to find the right sounds for memorial piece 'Celtic Air.'

  2. 'Celtic Air' (pt 2/3) - Performance

    Duration: 02.43

    Watch Clip duration: 02.43

    A clip of the memorial piece 'Celtic Air' for windpipe and string ensemble.

  3. 'Celtic Air' (pt 3/3) - emotions and music

    Duration: 01.30

    Watch Clip duration: 01.30

    Composer Dave Heath shares with us the conclusion of his memorial piece 'Celtic Air'

  4. An approach to writing pop music

    Duration: 03.25

    Watch Clip duration: 03.25

    Nineties British soul singer Omar reflects on how a song can grow organically.

  5. Approaches to composition

    Duration: 04.49

    Watch Clip duration: 04.49

    Composer Errollyn Wallen discusses the compositional ideas in her piece 'Mondrian'.

  6. Bringing jazz into classical music

    Duration: 03.46

    Watch Clip duration: 03.46

    Errolyn Wallen outlines the compositional procedures in her composition 'Mondrian'.

  7. Collaboration and music technology in school

    Duration: 06.23

    Watch Clip duration: 06.23

    Dev creates a cover of Gotye’s ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ with students at Hayes School.

  8. Collaborative song writing

    Duration: 04.05

    Watch Clip duration: 04.05

    'Dog Eat Dog' reflect on their collaborative, often anarchic approach to songwriting.

  9. Composing a pop song

    Duration: 05.38

    Watch Clip duration: 05.38

    A possible set of rules for composing a pop song are explained.

  10. Composing a television signature theme

    Duration: 05.28

    Watch Clip duration: 05.28

    Composer John Pead explains the process of composing a theme for a television programme.

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