1. Augmented reality - the future of what we see around us

    Duration: 07.33

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    How augmented reality can be used to visualise virtual 3D objects.

  2. Developing ideas for inventions

    Duration: 05.23

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    A look at the importance of producing prototypes and developing designs.

  3. Development of photography by Daguerre and Fox Talbot

    Duration: 06.12

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    The scientific invention of photography by Louis Deguerre and William Henry Fox Talbot.

  4. Inspiration for inventions

    Duration: 03.46

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    Fran looks at the inspiration behind invention.

  5. Invention of motion pictures and celluloid

    Duration: 06.42

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    The major invention of the cinema by Eadweard Muybridge and Auguste and Louis Lumiere.

  6. Testing inventions

    Duration: 05.42

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    Fran Scott discovers the importance of testing an invention.

  7. The impact of the steam engine

    Duration: 03.20

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    Cassie Newland explores how the steam engine changed the world.

  8. The importance of persistence when inventing

    Duration: 04.31

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    Fran looks at the importance of being persistent with your invention and not giving up.

  9. The invention of Morse code and the first transatlantic cable

    Duration: 05.55

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    The major scientific invention of Morse code by Samuel Morse and the transatlantic cable.

  10. The invention of photography by Nicephore Niepce

    Duration: 03.15

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    The major scientific invention of the first photograph by Nicephore Niepce in 1826.