1. Analysing computer game genres

    Duration: 03.20

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    A student exploration of the different genres used in computer games.

  2. Analysis of body language in 2010 general election TV debates

    Duration: 02.42

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    Politicians are becoming increasingly sophisticated TV performers.

  3. Behind the scenes of an election night studio

    Duration: 02.25

    Watch Clip duration: 02.25

    A tour of the huge resources needed to broadcast the 2001 election night live.

  4. Components of computer games development

    Duration: 04.26

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    The development and design of computer games is explained by following the process.

  5. Computer games timeline from 1960 to 2000

    Duration: 04.47

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    The history of computer games development, from 'Pong' (1970s) to 'Myst' (1990s).

  6. The influence of social media in politics

    Duration: 03.16

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    Does social media get us and our views closer to the politicians?

  7. Tyrannosaurus Rex animated in CAD for 'Walking with Dinosaurs'

    Duration: 01.07

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    A look at the use of CAD modelling for the television series 'Walking with Dinosaurs'.

  8. Vicky Jewson - film director

    Duration: 04.08

    Watch Clip duration: 04.08

    Vicky, a young feature-film maker, directs a skydiving stunt for her latest film.