• Classroom Resources
  1. Carter vs Reagan in the American presidential TV debates

    Duration: 01.46

    Watch Clip duration: 01.46

    The power of non-verbal gestures is examined in this election debate.

  2. Castaway

    Duration: 01.59

    Watch Clip duration: 01.59

    Competitors awaiting the final result in Castaway - reality TV from 2007.

  3. Coal House

    Duration: 04.02

    Watch Clip duration: 04.02

    Coal House - reality history series, featuring opening titles and sequence.

  4. Doctor Who Confidential

    Duration: 02.31

    Watch Clip duration: 02.31

    Production methods used on Doctor Who.

  5. Gresford mine disaster

    Duration: 00.49

    Watch Clip duration: 00.49

    Original BBC radio news reports and archive film from the 1934 Gresford mining disaster.

  6. How did body language affect the American presidential election in 1992?

    Duration: 03.15

    Watch Clip duration: 03.15

    Gesture codes and studio format design have a telling effect.

  7. How did television advisers improve Reagan's image?

    Duration: 03.17

    Watch Clip duration: 03.17

    Documentary archive footage of the US 1984 presidential election campaign.

  8. How has television revolutionised the way politicians are portrayed to the public?

    Duration: 01.47

    Watch Clip duration: 01.47

    Television has changed the way we see politicians, and the way they portray themselves.

  9. Mastermind

    Duration: 03.15

    Watch Clip duration: 03.15

    Opening titles to Mastermind with introduction from presenter John Humphrys.

  10. Match of the Day 1960s

    Duration: 02.03

    Watch Clip duration: 02.03

    1964 Match of the Day with Kenneth Wolstenholme commentary on Chelsea v Leeds.