1. A new weather forecasting satellite

    Duration: 04.41

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    Weather forecasting is still an inexact science.

  2. Cybernetics - the link between man and machine

    Duration: 08.44

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    Rani Price explores the incredible science of cybernetics.

  3. Digging the world's longest tunnel

    Duration: 05.52

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    Engineers explain how they excavated the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

  4. How computers enable unmanned exploration of new planets

    Duration: 05.34

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    The challenges of placing the Mars Rover on a planet without maps and GPS.

  5. How does a loudspeaker work?

    Duration: 03.41

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    Engineers show us the key components in a loudspeaker and explain how they work.

  6. How smart materials are used in renewable energy solutions

    Duration: 04.50

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    How smart materials help wind turbines to vanish from air traffic control screens.

  7. Maintenance of a modern train using electronic systems

    Duration: 04.24

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    Engineers explain how computers are at the heart of a modern train.

  8. Recording sound - analogue vs digital

    Duration: 03.49

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    The differences between analogue and digital sound recording.

  9. Remote manipulation inside a nuclear reactor

    Duration: 03.12

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    A remote robotic manipulation system used to perform tasks inside a nuclear reactor.

  10. Robotic engineering

    Duration: 06.19

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    A description of the way in which robots are used in the battlefield to save lives.